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Nagne underpower.

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  • Nagne underpower.

    I Was able to Main Nagne in CBT and I Personally Feel Like his WAYYYYYYYYYYY to Weak in comparison with the other Heroes I manage to level him up to LV 100 Thinking his one of those heroes that has a weak and slow start but than at higher levels he would SHINE but no........... The shine never came he stay the same way the wholeeeeeee time His damage was crap almost every single time i was dead last in the damage totem pole and his mob control is not the greatest His crap in both department i would like to give him another shot but as of right now his to crap to even bother. PLEASE BUFF!
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    no way nagne was super strong with the right combo :O
    maybe you were missing some depths, which is actually item level and ups damage/defense quite a bit.
    some boss in the game couldnt even hit me once, it was almost even easier than most other because you can evade bosses attack by simply jumping and hitting 2-3 times(when in air you cant be hit by most stuff)
    edit: i was using the auto "space bar" tremor "when over 500 mana, use 100 mana to tremor, have same cooldown as real tremor but dosen share"..meaning i had something like 6 or 7 strike(stun) times on boss..he could sit on his *** for like 15 sec just by myself
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      what are you talking about ??? my nagne hits 20k hard damage in 1 hit at level 40..
      (i used that skill when he drops a scroll a on the ground, charges the skill and slashes the scroll, while having attack buffs for example when he holds his sword with both hands.. it adds alot of damage percent and it stacks ! and some buffs from gears that improves the skill adds special effect and damage, like lightning from above bonus when i slash the scroll)

      i couldnt hit 10k damage on audrey at level 40...


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        Well Audrey is more multi hit so the dmg is spread out, BUT you are right that Audrey doesn't hit for 20k at level 40. Nagne hits...ok but he gets a lot stronger when the updates come.



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          Nagne is pretty good if you know how to use him. But his health goes down rather quickly and his damage isn't satisfying enough. He best get enough of a buff. His speed isn't enough to make up for it.