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King's feedback thread.

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  • King's feedback thread.

    1. "Depth" I honestly believe there is a better word to use for power level/your overall level.

    Power level should be change to Attack or Damage

    Over all depth should be change to = Power level

    Equipment depth should be change to = power

    This should make a lot more sense.

    2. Right now on the forum it's hard to check the founder packages because the only way you see them is through the rotating image on the bottom left. I honestly believe this will hurt your sales since it's hard to get to.

    3. I would love the ability to add my signature on the forums.

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    1. Nagne's face is way too pink. It doesn't match the rest of his body color making him look really weird unless you cover his whole body.

    2. The tittles are too long or just doesn't make sense. I will update the more I get them.

    Official Player = Fine

    Burrier of Seven Souls = Bearer of Seven Souls or Soul Collector

    What is Justice? = Too long? Not even a tittle. Justice Seeker/Judge

    Come At Me = Fine

    The Doll's Knight = It's kinda lame but it's fine

    What time is it? = Timeless

    Enkidu Slayer = Fine

    Energy Efficient Refrigerator = Way too long. Just "Efficient" would be good

    Forest of Eternity, Radio--- = way too long. How about "Eternal"

    Green Peace = Fine but I don't think it's that clear.

    3. Custom keybinds are a must

    4. The HeroWarz website has terrible SEO at the moment. It's impossible to find on google.

    5. There should be an announcement section so people can talk about events/announcement.


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      For anyone wondering what King is referring to exactly for Nagne, well.. Here you go.


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        Originally posted by Irru View Post
        For anyone wondering what King is referring to exactly for Nagne, well.. Here you go.

        Ah... I had wondered, since I hadn't picked up a new hair (or V-neck shirt) from him and hadn't noticed. That is pretty jarring.


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          Thanks for posting a picture

          Update: Actually B's face has the same problem except it's not as noticeable.

          The first level of pantheon is badly introduce. Most of the people that I know were too low to do it. So a lot of them end up spamming the first level thinking it was possible for them to do only to die because they couldn't clear it fast enough due to low gear level.

          The avatar size on the forum is too small. I'm sure this will be fix with all the right setting since elsword does it perfectly with their forum.


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            I apologize for hijacking your thread. Here's a picture of B's face.

            It seems to be the same way with all the avatars I have available to my account at the moment. Body avatars usually change B's skin tone, but his face remains the same skin color as his default.


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              Np thanks for posting a picture. I was too busy trying to grind to 100 before server closed.

              Might not be a big deal but it really bothers me and I hope they can change it asap. I can't justify buying any cosmetic items if male characters like B and Nagne's face look like that.

              I'm going to be posting what I think about Nagne's skill soon. At the moment I honestly think he's pretty weak compared to his melee counterparts and that his skills gets worse the higher level you go.


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                It bothers me a lot as well. Perhaps it's simply with the costume selection we currently have in CBT. I'm hoping that's the case, anyway.