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Herowarz needs Stand-alone software launcher

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  • Herowarz needs Stand-alone software launcher

    It would be great if Herowarz had its stand-alone client launcher (like Elsword) instead of depending on a web browser and the site to start it up. If the site ever goes down, how would players access it? Plus, many of us do not often visit the site or forums, just here to play this game.

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    If it was made available to all browsers, then id be cool.
    It gives a reason for people to check the site for once x-x


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      People were speculating that it is browser only for now to help with how terrible their site SEO is atm.

      Right now it's almost impossible to find the site through google but I can see them doing a lot of SEO events to help with that(since at least you can find them through their facebook page now)

      I like the website login because I feel like it would add cooler things to how we interact with the game/website/forum.

      What if we get certain achievement and it updates to the forum? Right below our avatar we could get a cool badge for being a founder or being in CBT or even show our total level like the star does in-game!

      Other then that yeah it's probably way better to get a stand alone client for this game.


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        I think it's because the site is pretty much a copypaste from KR's site. Maybe it doesn't work that way.


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          I like the concept King mentioned about forum integration, as well as the fact it gives people a reason to visit the site and stay up to date with news and updates. Standalone client still would be nice, though honestly I'd be just as happy with Firefox being a supported browser.


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            Forcing people to login through the website is not going to make anyone whose not interested socialize and check out news or events if they don't already. If only the world worked like that........


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              I for the stand alone client since it would just be less of a hassle to log in and play. Although I like King concept I am going to have to agree with Ashy. If people are not interested in socializing then they're not going to.