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    First of all, I want to say that I really like the game. I will definitely play it, probably even buying a founder's pack. The gameplay is fluid and engaging, the characters all seem to play differently, and I also like how the different items change your playstyle. I was lucky enough to get an epic gun on Audrey, and it was crazy good not just because of stats, but because of the excellent improvement to my Photon Bomb skill. I love stuff like this.

    • Audrey's Combat Movement costs 0 mana to use, but requires you to have 150(?) mana or else it tells you that the mana is not enough. This seems like a bug, and hurt me more than a few times.
    • I hate the fact that the minimap is transparent but not click-through. It makes no sense that I can't target enemies through the minimap. I never wanted to auto-move using the map during battle, there would be plenty of other ways to implement such a feature.
    • Similar to above, the lack of camera controls really make it hard to play a ranged character. Enemies are frequently offscreen, especially below you, and you just have to estimate where to aim.
    • Please, please, please add custom hotkeys. The default control scheme is very good, but for many players who dislike it, it would be a dealbreaker as to whether they keep playing.

    So, the primary issue here is the translation quality. It's bad. Like, really bad. There are sentences which make no sense, a lot of usage of "he" when referring to female characters, severe lack of understanding in the correct usage of commas, and in general the exchanges between characters feels extremely unnatural and rigid. It's bad enough to make me want to skip the entire story on its own, regardless of how interesting it might be, but I did read through all 70 levels of the story text.

    The secondary issue is the way the dialogue is presented. It's incredibly disjointed. We are given so many peeks at little groups, so many names to remember, and in a very haphazard order. It's never clear whether we are in the scene being spoken to, or just looking in from beyond the 4th wall. There were times when I had no clue what was going on, and even times where I'm sure a character was supposed to have died in a previous scene, only to reappear in the next scene (I think this was an ordering mistake in the Deus scenes vs the story battle scenes). Overall and combined with the poor translation, it was a mess, very difficult to understand.

    On the plus side, I like the characters themselves, it seems they have a lot of personality. The cutscenes look great (although the one after defeating Oberon is simply too long IMO), and the humor really hits the mark. I love the cosplaying Snow White, and the goddess Myriad who is busy scrimming when she's called upon.

    Overall, I have a few recommendations:
    • If possible, try and make the story more unique to each character, and seen mostly from our character's perspective. I didn't feel like I was very important to the story.
    • Try to do a better job of introducing new characters. We often hear their name before even seeing them on screen, or we're just expected to know who they are. The characters often talk to each other like they know each other better than the player knows them, and this creates a bad feeling. Perfect example of NPC introductions done well would be Blade & Soul. You see them in action, you know immediately what they're about, and you remember them well.
    • Give us a better way to watch the story without slowing down our party members. I really like the parts where you are given story text while moving between waves of enemies, you could use more of that. Also, story dialogue could be played before all players click Ready, rather than after, to save time.
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