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  • Some Feedbacks-hope it's helpful

    1.) Translation: The story is interesting for me, but there are some inconsistencies in pronouns. He becomes a she or vice versa during the cut scenes. This sometimes confused me on what's going on. Still, I very much enjoyed the voice acting (since I can understand it) and the story. Also some of the idioms/words didn't get translated through. Example) 화상아! -- doesn't literally mean "a burn".
    I don't understand the exact translation of the phrase, but it would mean something close to like "you imbecile". This is my guess, but it would literally translate to Face that makes one Angry--It's used in cases to degrade others.

    2) Perhaps I didn't get far enough, but not being able to play with lots of people made it boring. It seemed more like a single player experience rather than an MMO. (However this could be due to my lack of social skills). An easier way of making parties or finding other players will be nice. But to be fair, I know this is a CBT and that there probably weren't THAT many people playing this game for everyone to enjoy the MMO experience.

    3) I wish there were more explanations on the stats of the items. What exactly does Depth mean? Does that come in to play in the later levels?

    4) Gameplay is solid, in my opinion. It was fast paced and pretty responsive. Items and skills all worked when they were pressed.
    Only thing I had trouble was activating B's Spiral Slash..I'm still not sure what the requirement for that skill is. Do enemies have to be in the air when I hold the L-click behind/next to them?
    I could never get it to activate when I WANTED it to.

    5) I don't know if it was just for the CBT, but I enjoyed the leveling pace. I only got to level 30 with B, and up to 10 with Nagne and Alex(?-the man with the shield).
    It was fast, so it made me excited to learn new skills.
    I liked that you DIDN'T HAVE TO do "side quests" to level up.

    6) However, the game seems very LINEAR. While it is nice to level up so quickly, but maybe some variety of quests/things other than story mode will add to the enjoyment of the game.
    Again, I didn't make it very far in the game- so maybe this is already a possibility.

    7) Nagne--- I get the name but if you don't know Korean, people won't really get the name.
    Maybe replacing it with "Wanderer" or "Traveling Swordsman" could be more helpful for Non-Korean speaking players to get the full character experience.

    8) Public and Private channel- I really like this idea. It's a great system to keep both side of the audiences happy. Those that want the pure solo experience vs the people that like to play in groups.

    9) Story. Story. Story. - This game's story is pretty interesting. I like how all the characters have their own little story. It made me get invested in the characters and what's going on in the world of HeroWarz. It could be aided with perfect translations and some better explanations of some characters that only show up in the cut scenes. Perhaps I accidentally skipped it, but after the beginning missions with the Mafias --- I was so confused by all the characters that appeared for the Desert place - the seven souls quest line.

    Conclusion for now?:
    HeroWarz is a fast-paced action and story driven game.
    There are some translation errors, but it wasn't enough to destroy the story.
    You get the best of both world with choosing private and public channel- which is a great thought I think.
    The game has very unique characters that have stories of their own- which makes you get invested in your characters.
    I think it will be something that's worth checking out for people that like stories, top down games, and anime art styles.