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    [Here are my feedback to the game. Keep in mind this is totally my opinion and anyone who reads this doesn't have to take it as a fact, everyone has different taste and opinion.]


    The combat is great, it can require some polishing and smoothening(is that even a word?). I recommend having the ability to change the keybinds because some people are not use to some of the keybinds. The keyboard mode and mouse mode is a good implementation but there should be pure keyboard as well only if possible.


    The characters are nice. They have unique background stories and personality. Each are unique in their combat but I feel like some skills could use some balancing.


    The story is good and unique but it requires polishing and improvement. The cutscenes are beautiful! They are well made.Though, I feel like it can be confusing at some times during dialogues and it lacks presence of our chosen character. Not much on character development, it feels like everything is not connect but that just might be me. The bad translation and lack of usage of things like comma or like when referring to a female a "He". The conversation of other characters doesn't feel like it is natural, it feels more like they are just talking to theirselves or the character only. It can be frustrating to read and listen the dialogue that it makes me skip them but I stick to it until the final part.

    When the dialogues are being presented is, to be honest, not liking it. It can be very confusing, too many things that are mention that are useless or too many to remember. A lot of people might just go "What???" at some parts, even I had times just having no clue. Also, I wish you could make the conversation parts of the story will not stop the character, it can disturb the gameplay specially when it is a party, the one who skipped it have head start and gets more exp., which is unfair to those not skipping it, and unfair to those who skipped because they are being slowed down.

    Make sure the story is not something that we can indulge on and important.


    The interface is simple and clean. The are other things that can disturb the gameplay though, like the map, ranged characters will find this annoying as you can't click to fire if the cursor is on the map so it results to trying the pinpoint it.

    Story Mode:

    The story mode is great and immersive. It feels short though, and the boss are mostly easy, some are really hard(Sea King >:[ ). I recommend some dungeons should have like "Party Recommended" so we don't have to struggle to repeat it again.


    Party is fun! The exp bonus is great and encouraging to play with other players too. There are times though that it will just stick or lag during gameplay which needs to be fixed. The party system needs improvement in gameplay because there are times when the mobs just doesn't react when you attack/skill them.


    The graphics are great. It can use a one up to the details.


    I love the themed dungeons! Stories and legends we know are twisted and is really interesting. I specially love the Fairy tale town(i forgot the name :P), Snow White, Red hood and other fictional fairy tale characters are twisted and it gives spice to it. Btw, red hood with gun was my fav part

    The cutscenes to these dungeons are great. They all have story behind it but it is fun to watch. (The witch town cutscene though, scared me at first lol)

    On the other hand, some dungeons feels short in gameplay. It could use some extension.


    I love how each items are unique, with their own special abilities.

    The attack power and battle power is the most confusing stat. I recommend merging these two. The depth is just confusing as I don't really know what use could it be.


    Sidekick is a really good sytem. No problems there!

    Friend System

    The friend system is great. I love the heart sytem and you can join them too!

    Player Training Program and Pantheon:

    These are challenging! Very fun too! Player training program is pretty much the grinding area but it is fun! It feels rewarding.

    The pantheon is good addition, the reward for having them for sidekick is what makes us level up more and improve more.


    Myriad playing MMO and Starcraft lol. I like the NPCs, they have unique characteristics and stylish designs. Big plus for making them lovable (Venus though, fashion freak lol)

    Other Stuff:

    There are still a lot of bugs which needs to be fix but I feel like it will fixed at the next beta test.

    Introduction to other NPCs requires work. They just come and we just get confuse.

    Custom software launcher please

    More shops! More items that are buyable to the npc.

    Overall, the game is still super fun and super addicting! It is very fast pace and the unique things like item enchantments gives the gameplay the spice that is just makes it fun. Strategies and character gameplay can have different possiblities. It still requires improvement but it is just CBT, so not a big concern. Free hugs for the devs for bringing these gameplay in NA and/or Global and still making this game playable and fun even though it has some things required to be improved and fix.
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    Thanks for feedback!