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Zoom out feature for dungeons

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  • Zoom out feature for dungeons

    Can we get a zoom out feature for the dungeons, because when I was playing the gunner I wasn't sure if I was hitting or not. If the zoom feature isn't possible, maybe introduce a combo system instead of kill streak? Also I notice that even though I hit the Bosses the HP Bar doesn't show so i'm not sure if im hitting or not, unless I walk into the view.

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    One thing that I like alot about elsword is the fact that it shows you to the left of the screen whenever you're hitting a boss, which is something that it doesn't do in Herowarz. Maybe they should add in something like that, though I'm not sure what that would be since functionality would be an issue. But, zooming in and our would be difficult during dungeons, since most conventional ways to do so (the - key, or using your mouse to scroll out) are functional in the game. It would be a good idea if we could maybe add in keybindings, so each player knows how to adjust their screen correctly