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  • Feedback and bugs

    I'll just list some things here


    First I feel like some dungeons can be very strategic such as in the high depth pantheons, however many dungeons felt like it was "mash the buttons keys and mouse until the enemy dies." The combat is not bad, it's actually really great, the enemies however don't give a challenge and I end you doing to the same thing over and over for bosses and mobs. Maybe I'm saying this too early since it's a Beta server.

    I feel like there should be a guide for the character interface and menu layout and such if it's not in the official launch. The menu layout can get confusing at times. It took me a while to figure out how to whisper somebody, invite them to a party, and I don't even know what most of the tabs in the chat-box are used for. A guide would make things clear and tell you where they are. I hope there is one in the upcoming updates

    Minor Feedback

    The game's launch time can be quicker. It take quite a while to start.

    The story dialogue doesn't seem to fit well in party play. I don't want to end up making the players wait so I ended up skipping most of it. I did take my time in solo mode to read it though in some stages.


    When you have enough costumes that it'll extend to the second tab, if you click the sort-items button, the costumes on the second page is replace by the corresponding slots that are taken up by costumes in the first tab. The icons don't change however the interface shows an entirely different costume and it replaces the costumes as well. The only way I was able to fix it was putting leftover costumes pieces in the locker so that I'll have less than a full tab of costumes. The costumes go back to normal thankfully.

    Some bosses are frozen when they appear. When I fought the Lion King, it took a entire minute from the time he appeared until the time he was able to be attacked. Also Abel (I think that's his name) is frozen for a period of time when he appears as well except he's able to be attacked which makes him easier to defeat.

    The game crashes A LOT! Sometimes when transitioning to other maps during training mode and sometimes out of nowhere in a dungeon. It can be an error message or it'll completely crash with no notice. It's very annoying and it wasted my time.

    Great game overall. Just needs more game content from the upcoming updates and I'll be playing this for a long time. I hope this server can catch up quickly to the most up-to-date server soon.