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    Firstly, I apologize for anything that has been said before. I also want to say that I'm avoiding feedback on two things: Lag and Content. The reason being is that, as a CBT, we obviously got a miniature version of the game - the bare minimum of things to test and tweak out. There were so many things missing from the game if you knew where to look: Jobs, shops, clan UI, synthesis/upgrading, skill points, rankings... To say what the game lacks at this point would be counter-productive, so I just wanna focus on what we had. And on top of that, I'm pretty sure KOG was using the bare minimum resources to test this here (GC's old server, perhaps?), so any lag issues should be addressed come launch, when they have more dedicated resources to allot.


    My first thing is the story/translation stuff. I've said it before - the story is very fragmented and jarring, and there isn't any static text to help. I still don't quite know who my characters are or what they are doing. The Deus Report skits are nice, they help characterize the Players, but I'd like just a two-three sentence summary on what drives my character. We have that on the website, but not for the NPCs/unreleased characters, so it's still a problem. And the story needs like, connectivity. I need to know why I'm moving from area to area - WHY events take place one after another. There's no transition between arcs, or even within them; it's just a rapid jump. For example, the arc where you end up fighting the Absolutes; they didn't even show up until the last area. Similarly, I found it hard to tell who was on my side and who wasn't - people I thought were with my characters ended up being bosses, and there was a lot of defeat = friendship going on. The translations didn't help as much as they could have, and I think that's a large area of improvement. Simply going through text for proper flow, or adding in static text on the level select, would do wonders for continuity.

    Gameplay was actually astounding to me. I recognized a lot of KOG staples, namely the likelihood of mission-grinding for progress (kill boss x times), and I'm hoping they don't get worse, but what was different was excellent in every way. The top-down style is different from GC and Elsword, as well as the main game engine. It ran a lot smoother and I felt like I was doing more, especially since I very rarely stood still when attacking. I loved the diverse skill sets and the huge amount of unique enemies - I saw very few palate swaps, so that was quite interesting. The mount system for partying is also impressively done - very little lag and a very entertaining group activity.

    However, something that must be said: The majority of the game IS still a grind - just bashing the enemies that spawn until they're all dead. That's true for every MMO, but when you realize you just took out 30 throw-away mobs by repeatedly using only two skills, never once getting hit.... It can be tiring. The game should aim to break up the monotony sporadically and with intrigue - story comes back up here. But really, any unique enemies would help turn this around. A good example is the equip skills that alter your moveset - those keep the game interesting, even when the motions are the same.

    Next, I just wanted to touch on a few key items I felt should have been included in the CBT, or NEED to be included in the LBT.
    1. Clan UI is important to test, to show people what incentive they have to join clans. Otherwise, it's just popularity and community, and that'll clutter up everything fast.
    2. Shops also need to be expanded upon. While you could technically purchase something in this version, the grind to get the cash was too much for its value. I would have liked to see just a sample of what we could use our money on, other than leveling sidekicks, opening bank slots, and making a Clan.
    3. Tutorial or Help (H key) for basic interface. I didn't discover until level 75 that you can mount to party up. Others didn't know that at 90+. It's hard to test the program's basics when they remain unknown.
    4. Hotkey mapping. I know it's a dead horse at this point, but many people use many different styles of keyboards, and some have trouble with keys overall. Just looking at the Hotkey Map in-game shows how cluttered it already is, and how confusing it can be to a new player. I mean, just for basic combat you have 12 unique skills, movement, and potions. add on mounts, tents, cutscenes, inventory, and misc keys... It's quite a lot.
    5. Limited potions and revives. I feel the game seemed too easy because it was difficult to fail. I imagine in the main game, dying too much eventually takes premium currency - knowing where our limits are will be important to shape the opinion of difficulty.
    And then, to end with everything I was impressed by:
    1. Switching between Mouse and Keyboard modes was incredibly smooth.
    2. The amount of players HQ supported without inducing lag, both in chat and in playing.
    3. The sheer amount of unique levels - I think there were 62, with one repeated? Also the amount of enemies, as mentioned above.
    4. The Player Training Enemy Buffs being more unique than "Attack Increased" or "SuperArmor." A combo of a Magnet enemy with a Twin Black Holes could wipe even a team of 100s, if taken by surprise.
    5. The difficulty of the Pantheon. It felt like a proper challenge mode, although I'm kinda afraid that it's just due to limiting potions. The challenges themselves were at least interesting.
    6. The Deus Report. If I had enough time, I would have liked to go through it all proper - but the grind took away my ability to read at a leisurely pace. But it was nice to know I could access everything at any time.
    I believe that covers everything I had thought about while playing! If I think of anything else, I'll be sure to add it in. o wo
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    In line with wanting more tutorial information: I definitely think gear and depth need to be explained more. As I mentioned in Ashy's feedback thread:

    Originally posted by Lloyd13z View Post
    It is complicated that we have so many variables on every piece of gear. Even if we're lucky enough to get the right gear piece at the right rarity to drop, not only is the spread randomized, but the base power (depth maybe?), the stat skills, and the extra skills are also all rolled. Finding a "perfect" gear piece is downright impossible at the moment.
    Now, while I want to wait and see what the main game actually does with all the weapon variables, I'd still like some understanding as to what all these variables DO. Depth is the most confusing one, because it doesn't really say what it does, or what increases it. All I know is higher depth = greater character strength, but I have no idea in what way. Nor do I know how Depth influences all the other variables. I imagine that it's used as the "base stat" when calculating the Weapon Power, Weapon Speed, Mana Speed, and Cooldown Speed values, but those are also hidden from the player. Instead, we're given "Battle Power" and "Survivability," which also has absolutely no explanation as to what it does or what it affects.

    On top of those confusing numbers, each piece of gear comes with other stat upgrades shown in blue (also seemingly randomized) and bonus skills that alter the character skills. Again, I have no idea how many of those bonus skills there are, nor whether or not the stat upgrades are benefitting me at all. I'd really like to know what I should be prioritizing, and what I should be trying to get, before possibly making a mistake and using a terrible piece of gear.

    Again, if in the main game customizable gear is an option, that would fix this problem nicely. But until then, some explanation is greatly desired.


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      Thank you for the detailed feedback