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    I am making this so that i can share with you my suggestion for a new character. My idea is a zombie character, name Frank, nickname the joker, real name Jason Kruger. passives Resurrection: whenever kills an enemy mob he will turn them in to zombie minions, his up skill can be called wilting claw: he makes a huge wide slashing motion and any enemy that gets caught in it gets a rot de buff that will tic away a certain amount of health per second, another one of his passives is unyielding hunger: Jack periodically will get hungry for some brains and 3 enemies will be marked attacking them will automatically turn them in to minions and give you health and mana if used on a boss will give them rot debuff. His down skill will be called bone rip:he uses the sharpened bones in his right arm to slash enemy's in the area this will give him mana, his right click should be called blood frenzy: Joker will run with increased speed cancel with left click bite with right click if the bite lands blood frenzy will gain decreased cool down and will give a tiny amount of health.

    Another skill of his can be called shatter stomp: Joker will sharpen and harden the bones in his leg and stomp the ground this has striking effect afterwards this gives him a movement speed debuff for breaking the bones in his leg.I am giving this character to you, cause i think it would be cool and innovative and a zombie would fit perfectly in this game these can not be all of his skills and i will let you add more of your own and modify what i have given you as a template i really hope you make this character, from a hardcore herowarz fan love you guys .

    PS:I will be making updates to this, more clear skill descriptions possibly concept art and i will see if i can think up an amazing backstory that fits with herowarz.
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    sadly i dont think they are gonna make any new characters this is not league of legend haha,, its is a translated Korean "pre-made" game..
    there are of course some différences in UI and items and others i dont know, but from what i heard there should be a total of 15 characters at release, until further patches which will probably comes from where the game came meaning we wont get to choose