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  • Updated feedback.

    I made a feedback post for the facebook thing so I'm going to post it here too. I made a new thread since the other one was really messy with random thoughts with things I didn't like.


    Total level: 143

    Main Character: Nagne

    I have played every single day of close beta. This is probably the best time I have had playing a new game so I’m going to do whatever I can to support it. Even though I’m not that good at articulating myself I’ll do my best to pinpoint improvements and things I already like about the game. I’m going to start by categorizing main points of the game and things I like/dislike about it.


    What I like:
    Overall combat feels smooth and fun to play. All the characters were unique enough where people could pick out the playstyle they want and fall in love with the character they play. Even though I got tired from spending hours to grind to 100 I already wanted to play again after taking a small break. This doesn’t happen with any other game that I play and it’s honestly refreshing.

    What I don’t like:
    When I was playing with the mouse focus setting, it was very hard to get off the monster I was attacking. This became extremely annoying if you have to stop attacking right away due to boss skills being aimed at you.

    I also hate how I can’t rebind the skills I’m using and I have to rely on getting use to the bindings that the game gave me.


    What I like:
    I love how the story is being presented to me. I love how there are different themes every time I go to a new world. All the characters are interesting and have their own unique flavor when they talk and how they do things.

    What I don't like:
    There is not enough incentives to care. The lack of decisions you can make in the story means that you can skip every story. That means you are split up with people who want to watch and read the story and those who just want to power level through story mode. Nothing can fix this split but if you add more incentives for people to read the story then you will get a lot more players engage to the lore and the world.

    The way pantheon is introduce was terrible and the first level is too hard for most players at that level. A lot of players will get stuck confused because they will die for not having high enough gear to do it.


    What I like:
    Character splashes look awesome
    Background for maps look great

    What I dislike:
    Character models are really ugly right now. Certain models are unacceptable like B and Nagne's faces.

    I would like more opacity options on how well I can see my teammate's skills. Maybe a slider of sort. I understand that you guys made it harder to see for less clutter and less strain on the computer but please give me the option if my computer can handle it.

    The UI for inventory etc is pretty bland.

    Extra things that I like/dislike

    What I like:
    1.The communication from KOG staff have been amazing. I have never seen someone reply to their community so fast and frequently.

    Big shout out to Benny Foster on the forum for being so helpful and answering all our questions.

    GM Kumiho for always hanging out with the community in HQ.

    GM Moshup doing interviews like the one with MMOhut and really showcasing how much the staff care about the well being of the game that they are hosting.

    Facebook guy for trying to post even when close beta ends.

    2.The overall game feels great right now.

    3.Sidekicks and how I am obtaining them is awesome

    4.RNG drops with unique stat and skills

    5.Amazing combat sound and BGM

    What I dislike:

    1.The party system in this game is a mess. It's not clear at all that you can ride someone's mount to go to the next map with them. Even then I would like a better way to invite people without having to load to HQ.

    2.This game punishes you hard for d/cing/crashing. Especially for training mode where you have to clear 3 maps to finish. Either give reward for every 1 map or allow people to reconnect to the dungeon they d/ced on

    3.Lacks the ability to kick people who are abusing the party system. If the majority of the players don't want one particular person to be in the party please give us the option to kick them. During the party training grind I was stuck with people who join and afk.

    4.Being force to play through the website. Standalone client please.

    5.I hate how the reward system works after you complete a dungeon. A lot of people might disagree with me on this but it feels terrible when the game reveals to you that you could have gotten something way better. I honestly don't want to know that I could have gotten a mount instead of these 2 MP pots that I pick.

    6.No costume for weapons. Some weapons are so ugly and I'm stuck with them because the stats are good. In close beta I had to keep using a pink stick that looks like a grasshopper leg. notlikethis

    7.Please increase how many letters you can type in chat.

    8.Seo for the main website is terrible. It's honestly pretty embarrassing that the main site can't even be found on google.

    9.The forum is lacking. You can't put signatures and the avatar pictures are too small. I know you guys have the perfect setting on Elsword. I know that you guys will eventually fix this problem but please make it faster.

    10.Translation for the titles are really bad. Some of the titles are either too long or aren't even tittles. "What time is it?" "Forest of enternal radioactive blah blah"
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    Having the option to kick others is a good option like having a vote or something and I also think dcing/crashing is extremely punishing, you wouldn't believe how annoying it is to be on the last stage of training and end up dcing and haveing to start all over again. I think the chat limit will be increased maybe it was so short because it was cbt but I hope there'll be more room. I think the party system could use some major improvement since it doesn't seem to tell how to form a party nor is it that easy to figure out so having some way of explaining partys and how to make them would be nice. Hopefully this games gets improvements because like you I want to see this game do well.