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  • Bug Reports.

    Hi I've found a few bugs over the past few days of playing Herowarz and i'll list them all out. Might be afew more if i remember i'll edit my post.

    1. - Premium Inventory Second page is inaccessible, whenever you tries to equip or appraise an item it'll link you directly to your First page.

    2. - Consuming Health Potion sometimes doesn't recover any health.

    3. - Derrick Airbound status sometimes gets stuck mid air until you auto attack again.

    4. - I believe is the Sky River map on nearly 75% into the run there's a Curve corner next to a river and by the corner of it, When you get close to it, you'll get stuck there and your character won't be able to move out.

    5. - B / Derrick's Grab / Charges sometimes doesn't grab any opponent even they're directly in front of you, instead you'll grab their Spirit looking body even they're just the little mobs.

    6. - A instance breaking bug or lag? Where your mana stop regenerating , and you can still attacking mobs and mobs can attack you but neither of us will ever dies.

    7. - Sometimes you're unable to get on a player's mount at the end of an instance to regroup and move on to the next map. It just keeps you auto attacking, doesn't let you target any allies player.

    8. - In Player training after clearing a map , a teleportal appears, that's when the bug kicks in. Sometimes when you enter it teleports you directly to the other HQ even you went in on time. And sometimes it started to countdown and right after you go into the map, The big countdown is still on your screen and won't go away blocking your vision until you switches a map.
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    I can vouch for 2 and 3.

    It seems to happen whenever you use the potion directly after the CD has refreshed. Derrick's Airbound status is really wonky. I forgot the name of the skill, but using his 4 usually propelled me in the air until I would auto attack as you said.


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      Yeah on my process of level all character to 75 i found that out. xD there're more bugs idr most of them tho...


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        I can't really think of any other bugs at the moment. Truth be told I was having too much fun and at most I recognized some translation errors.


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          Bump , Updated.


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            I believe #2 normally happens when you instantly use a pot the very moment it goes off cooldown. At the very least, I never experienced it otherwise. Also, I think #6 is some sort of lag, along with the case of not being able to complete a story quest. For the last few story quests, I had to do them twice since I would not get the "Mission Complete" screen after killing the final bosses.