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random bugs before i forget them

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  • random bugs before i forget them

    -potion at 0 second dosent give hp and put it in countdown again, spamming z is dangerous!
    -on nagne an equipment that was "delaying the tremor to add damage", was actually doing same damage and even removing the second striking(stun) of the skill.
    -derrick grab + mob that "slow time"(attack speed probably) get some strange stuff with mob teleporting
    -putting sound at 0 in option , still hears music in the loading screens.(didnt test mute sorry)

    the craziest is this one, where monster and yourself are kind of strange "imune"(disconnected?)
    what happens is everything move as if game is working correctly, but when mob dies they get to 100% hp again(stop progression)
    this is also effective for the hero but completly stops mana regen..character screen fixes it but as the cost of losing current progress.
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    attack speed and attack speed!
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      Audrey drones are imune to almost everything and takes "agro"(monster focuses them)
      gotta tank Mr.King, go drones!!
      unless its mind she can strangely hurts them, freeze stuff also hurts them.
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        Time is money!(one of the one i got was named that ), or more.. trickets that comes from lvl 1-66 dungeons but i never saw one in player training rewards.
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