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A few bugs I found

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  • A few bugs I found

    Sorry that this was delayed - had a busy day.
    1. Somehow I unlocked a Izanami skit in the Deus Report, even though I only played as Ara and B.
    2. If you used a skill and then died out and checkpointed, or used one and then started the mission, sometimes the cooldown would bug out. The skill should immediately reset and can be used, but the cooldown timer still showed
    3. During one cutscene, for one of the dialogues the text stayed on line one, and extended beyond the box.
    4. Doubtfully intentional, but ONLY the first room of Player Training is treated as its own room. For the second and third rooms, the player will show in the hub (HQ) in their friend's list, and they will have access to the Zone chat of the hub. Was nice to have in the CBT, but felt like a glitch.
    5. If someone is dead when the portal appears in Player Training, and everyone else goes through the portal, the game bugs out.
    6. The sort button in the costume menu seemed buggy. Had to click it, then close and reopen the menu for it to work.
    7. I don't want to comment on lag too much, but lagging out bosses was a game-breaking bug. Although you wouldn't get the drops, depending on the level of lag it would be an un-lose-able fight. Managed to kill Hillaria at the end without her ever attacking due to lag.
    Additionally, there were a handful of typos, especially its/it's and there/their/they're, but I imagine that can be polished before launch. One extra place I'd recommend looking is the mob names - Dog Humanoid was misspelled as Dog Humaniod, at least in one level.

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    Forgot one:

    Hovering over the title text in the Deus Report for the Additonal Stories, you missed translating some Korean text for the character names. It would say "Unlocked by reaching level 10 with ____" and the blank should have been the name in the title (Izanami, for example), but instead it was still in Korean.
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