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HeroWarz CBT 2 Readme and FAQ *MUST READ*

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  • HeroWarz CBT 2 Readme and FAQ *MUST READ*

    Welcome to the Official HeroWarz Forums!

    For HeroWarz CBT 2, special forum circumstances will be applied:

    Your Forum Name will be directly tied to your IGN (In-Game Name). Basically, whatever you choose as your IGN in the game will directly reflect as your forum name. This applies during the HeroWarz Closed Beta Test as well.

    However for existing players who participated in CBT 1 and new players in CBT 2, these rules will apply:

    CBT1 users who posted on the CBT 1 forums will have their existing forum nicknames changed to: [CBT1] In-Game Name. You will not be able to access this forum account anymore, but you can still read your and other forum CBT 1 users’ posts. You will generate a new forum account with CBT 2.

    CBT2 users will have their forum nicknames displayed as: In-Game Name

    Due to the fact that changes will be made to the game after CBT 2 concludes, a clean slate will be applied to every account. That being said, we will be performing an account wipe at the conclusion of the CBT 2; this includes a wipe of the IGNs as well. However, your posts will stay on the HeroWarz forums as is, but your permanent IGN won’t be applied to your old posts until you return for the Official launch of HeroWarz.

    Please keep this in mind when introducing yourselves, or specifically referencing your characters in any capacity.

    For those of you who’ve purchased a Founders Pack with a name reservation, your IGNs will be reserved, and you will be unaffected by the IGN wipe aspect of the CBT.

    - Pre-CBT 2 FAQ -

    When will the CBT 2 begin?
    CBT starts on June 21st at 3:00 AM PDT and ends on June 24th 11:59 PM PDT.

    How long will the CBT 2 last?
    CBT 2 will last for 4 days.

    How do I know if I have access to the CBT 2?
    Anyone who has registered before and during the second CBT phase will be able to play this June 21st - 24th. CBT 1 participants are automatically qualified to play. Regional restrictions apply.

    I have access to the CBT 2. When will I be able to download the client?
    The CBT game client will be available a few hours before the CBT officially begins, so watch out for announcements. Alternatively, you can see if it’s available to download when the ‘Register Now’ button becomes the ‘Play Now’ button, and you see the login box right below it on the home page. When it’s available, log-in there and press Play Now to get started on the download.

    What’s the point of a CBT for HeroWarz?
    The HeroWarz CBT 2 phase is being used to gather direct and focused feedback about what you think about HeroWarz.

    We want you to tell us about how you feel about how the game plays, the interface, action, playable characters, NPCs, the story and even some end game features. We only ask that you please make sure that all feedback provided is constructive and detailed!”

    Will there be a wipe after CBT 2?
    Yes, all accounts will be wiped after CBT 2. With the help of you, the Beta Testers, we hope to polish and make improvements to the game. Since we expect that changes will be made, it would only be fair for everyone that a fresh start and a clean slate be provided for everyone at launch.

    Which characters will be playable during CBT 2?
    Mary, Hades, Ara, Nagne, Derrick, Audrey and B.

    - About the Game -

    What is HeroWarz?
    HeroWarz is an explosive, fast-paced, isometric action RPG game where you will select and cultivate unique heroes to build your own personal assault force. Get ready for the most addicting and action-packed battles imaginable, and let this one-of-a-kind, free-to-play gaming experience breathe excitement back into your ‘virtual’ reality.

    Who is developing HeroWarz?
    HeroWarz is developed by A.Storm.

    Is HeroWarz open world or instance-based?
    Though HeroWarz is an instance-based game, the “Base Camp” locations will be open hubs for player interaction, and as long as you’re in a public channel, other players may join you on your epic journeys!

    Does HeroWarz require a subscription or purchase?
    HeroWarz is 100%, absolutely and completely free to play! However, a cash shop will be available if you’d like to purchase distinctive costumes or items to enhance your game experience. Please be informed, though, that the cash shop will not be available during CBT.

    Is there PvP in HeroWarz?
    Absolutely, HeroWarz will have a featured, MOBA-Style PVP mode. However, it will not be available for CBT. We’re still working on making improvements to the PvP mode, and we’ll let you all know when it will launch as soon as possible!

    Is there Guild PvP in HeroWarz?
    Yes! HeroWarz will offer guild PvP option called “Clans”. When this feature becomes available, you will be able to speak with the NPC Myriad in the Historic Service Headquarters (Base Camp) to get started on creating your own “Clan”!

    Is there Group Content in HeroWarz?
    Most of the content in HeroWarz can be enjoyed as a party or by yourself. The game does start all players in the Public Channel which encourages players to play together. However, if you’d like to play solo, then you can easily switch to a Private Channel.

    Am I allowed to stream HeroWarz on or create YouTube videos about HeroWarz?
    Yes of course! We are allowing players to livestream and record the game, even during CBT!

    - Characters -

    What type of character classes can I play as in HeroWarz?
    HeroWarz doesn’t offer traditional character classes. Each character in HeroWarz offers a comprehensive, story-driven RPG experience. However, they all have their own specialty. During the CBT 2, players have access to 7 characters: Mary, Hades, Ara, Nagne, Derrick, Audrey and B.

    Can I customize my character?
    Each character in HeroWarz is like a character in an anime, comic or book; they all have their story. This means that facial and body customization is not available. However, there are many costumes in game that you can wear to give your character its own, unique look and feel!

    - Technical Questions -

    What languages does HeroWarz support?
    For the time being, HeroWarz will only offer English support

    How do I sign up for HeroWarz?
    You can create an account here

    Which regions can access the game in CBT 2?
    The HeroWarz CBT 2 will be limited to the following countries:

    US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

    Update as of 6/8/2016: CBT 2 is now also available to most European countries including Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Faeroe Islands, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Croatia, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Monaco, Moldova, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, San Marino, Turkey, Ukraine, and Vatican City‏.

    If you’re not playing from those regions, do not fret! As we quickly progress towards the launch of HeroWarz, global access will become available!

    Are player suggestions taken into consideration?
    Most definitely! We’d love to hear your suggestions on how we can improve the game! All through the CBT and game launch, we’d love to hear your feedback. The best place to post your suggestions can be found here

    Are there different servers for each region?
    This is something that we’re strongly considering, and more research will be taken into consideration as we progress towards the launch of HeroWarz.

    Is the game accessible from smartphones or tablet PCs?
    Unfortunately not. HeroWarz is exclusive to desktop PCs or laptop computers that have access to the internet.

    Which internet browsers are supported?
    Internet Explorer (IE), Google Chrome and Firefox (Recently Added to CBT 2) are the only supported browsers for now.
    Additional options may be considered in the future.

    How do I download HeroWarz?
    After creating your KOG Games account, login to the HeroWarz website. Once logged in, just click the ‘Play Now’ button to start the game client download process. At that point, you’ll be asked to download and install a required plugin for your browser. After the browser plugin (HeroWarz Chrome extension for Chrome, HeroWarz ActiveX extension for IE and HeroWarz Launcher Add-Ons extension for Firefox) is installed, the downloader will automatically start downloading the game client files. After download completion, click on the ‘Open’ button from the downloader to open the website, and then click on the ‘Play Now’ button once more to launch the game.

    Important Note: Going forward, the download and launch processes will always start from the website launcher (‘Play Now’) button.

    What are the perks of the VIP membership from the founder’s pack?
    For those who like to take their game to the next level, Founders Packs are great. Founders Pack info can be found HERE

    Can I choose a forum name that differs from my In-Game Name?
    Your Forum Name will be directly tied to your IGN (In-Game Name). Basically, whatever you choose as your IGN will directly reflect as your forum name. This applies during the HeroWarz Closed Beta Test as well.