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A typical dungeon for Hades

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  • A typical dungeon for Hades

    Poop quality atm, but yaaa know.
    Also, at the beginning you can see the weapon doesn't have any skill effects that I use.
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    Nice Hades video, I like that fire wall mod a'lot that you have, thought it was a nice grab and I want it, SO GIMME. I forgot the skill but the Fire chain ball spinning one which I manage to find 2 mods for it which basically chains great together by making the spinning do damage to nearby mobs and gathers the mobs up and slams them all together in one spot and the other mod drops a boulder on them after which is pretty good and you would probably like it a'lot like I do. Nice to see other mods that I don't have yet and that I will have to grab in the future.I hope to see more videos from you. I notice you had a'lot of enhanced rising dart.
    To bad you didn't have the one mod for it which makes 5 chain rise up which I just found myself which i can't replace sadly but yea keep it UP i want MORE of my Hades.
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      Yeah, even my costume has enhance rising dart. Feelsbadman.
      The skill mods I have are crap for what I'm wanting to do, but I make do lmao. The fire wall is literally the best. It's why I'm still using like level 68 pants?
      I'll def start making more videos though, never really got into it before but Herowarz is just different.


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        Pretty solid. Nice gameplay.