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    Originally posted by Spriggan View Post

    Umm.. I'll say this, not everyone knows the mechanics. Figuring out things is usually a headache but I get what you mean, when its too easy too understand it ruins the fun. Anyway just wanted you to know that it isn't really an issue as long as they make it moderate with the tutorials or just add a help button that's visible unlike Elsword which is a "?" question mark, it doesn't even help since people don't notice it from the get-go.
    And that is a problem. It is okay that not everyone knows all the things. It is healthy for a game to have things for players to learn about. There will always be those that catch on things like HeroWarz partying system intuitively and those that do not get it at first try. And that is okay.

    It is bad when the game points you literally everywhere.


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      I think they should also rework the chatbox. There's like way too many unneeded tab selections. I think it should just be Zone (Peer), Party, Guild, World Chat or something along those lines.


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        If they wanna go for pay to world/zone chat win , im out