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I see a future of pain... Missed Epic Opportunities

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  • I see a future of pain... Missed Epic Opportunities

    I have a feeling this is going to happen a lot to me in the future

    Rip... Oh well, maybe it will happen again but this time I get it? xD

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    dont worry this is the last day of beta anyway, everything will be wiped again including all your loots..
    tho i cant say those dosent help, i remember having one with 5.5% exp gain and some other neat stats


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      Yeah kinda wish they wouldn't show you what you could have gotten, so many missed mounts and maybe an epic or two.


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        You have no idea lol, I missed 2 epic mounts after pulling the 2 non epic item and the rest were all epics that i somehow missed, It sometimes feels so rigged I mean i pick through 6 items just to pick the 2 non epic items and the other 4 were all epic like really. Honestly i think what makes it nice to have around is it gives you a more general idea of what this dungeon could potentially give people so it gives people hope that you could gain this item again in the future but I do understand why people may not like this feature.


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          I had a few runs where there would be 3 epic weapons and an epic shoe/chest and I'd pick 2 rare pieces. All the way to lvl 123. WOOOO
          Ended CBT with no epic weapon and I was using the lvl 60 quest weapon the entire time because it was still better than all the lvl 70 rares.