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European HeroWarz community discord!

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  • European HeroWarz community discord!

    Hey everyone!

    I've decided to create a community server for all the European HeroWarz players out there!
    As I'm fully aware, there is already another bigger discord server available, but I felt like the European player base deserved something for their own as well. (the server however isn't only limited to Europeans, everyone's free to join :3)
    Even if we could gather the smallest community, that'd be just amazing.

    Still extremely small as the server is brand new, but here's the link:
    Sharing the link would be greatly appreciated as it'll help the server grow even further.

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    We've already got a sizeable EU Playerbase, but you're always welcome to make your own I suppose. I should note that my own server isnt disciminatory against our fellow EU brethren.