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Notice to Last Minute Founder's Pack Buyers

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  • Notice to Last Minute Founder's Pack Buyers

    If you plan on buying the founder's pack please do it with K-Ching. Not only that but buy Karma Koins from Ebay. You can use this link:

    Note that it is a digital gift so untaxed. Keep in mind that you need 5,999 (save one cent XD) K-ching to purchase the $60 founder's pack. I bought a $50 pack and a $10 pack and from that I received:
    1 200 Load-up Promo Bonus
    2 1000 Karma Koin
    3 1500 First Buy Bonus
    4 1000 Load-up Promo Bonus
    5 5000 Karma Koin
    Bonuses Applied :
    - First time purchase +30%
    - Karma Koin Kard +20%

    Not to mention you would receive $25 worth of K-ching. So in total you would get back 11,100 K-Ching or $111 worth for $60. Can easily settle for just getting the $50 which still returns you 9900.

    Dawn of the Last Day: 2 hours remain

    Take care and I'll see you all in OBT as Victory!