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  • VIP System?

    I have not seen anyone really ask this but the VIP it possible to extend it? Like I saw that the next month the status will go away, but what happens if we have the 15 day VIP service. Are we able to extend the service or would we have to wait till next month? Also do anyone know what the price is possibly going to be for the VIP service? I read somewhere that the Korean version is cheap. Maybe in the reboot version its cheap as well? -crosses fingers-

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    Well Im sure the VIP system will be like any other. For example the VIP system in blade and soul you could buy a 30/90 day or 1 year. And it had lvls to the VIP system based on the amount of money you spent. The higher VIP lvl the more goodies you got, like xp% increased the amount of gold you got from drops etc. things along those lines.So I'm sure it will follow something along those lines unless they do like a subscription based kinda think and that could go any where for 5-15 bucks like some world of warcraft kinda mess.

    But all in all i feel this is a good question you've asked they haven't really went into to much detail about it. I never questioned it cause I've dealt with all kinds of VIP systems.