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    Hello, my name is Warz or more commonly known as TrueDPS in other games/platforms. I got to player level 360 in this CBT. I played Audrey (level 73), Hades (level 70), Derrick (level 77), Nagne (level 72), and B (level 62). I played B and got him to a 100 in the last CBT so yeah didn't feel the need to get him to 70. I'm going to leave my feedback and what I think is good and what needs to be fixed.

    General Feedback

    Gearing: So the gearing in this game is a mixed bag. It has it's upsides, like it allows for customization through mods and different stats. It also has a huge downside which I know many people won't like and that is it's insane RNG element. While I am fine with RNG as I am an avid ARPG player, I do think the RNG in the gearing system needs to be toned down a little. Especially stat wise, if they added a way to purchase a piece of gear with high rolls on specific stats I'd appreciate it as currently sometimes your just screwed while leveling.

    Leveling: So I've leveled characters through the story almost 6 times now so I have a lot of experience in this category. I gotta say, I am quite happy with the way the leveling is, at least via the story. Every area is unique, has it's own theme, and has a unique boss that doesn't feel like it was copy pasted.

    End Game: So while I know we do not have access to all of the end game currently, I still feel like I need to give my feedback based on what is available to me. Currently end game is pretty much player training so lets talk about that. I feel the idea of player training is actually quite good, but how it's implemented still needs work. My biggest complaint is the length, 3 stages feels like a bit much in my opinion. My suggestion would be to lower the stages to 2 instead of 3. This would make player training just feel better as a whole and be less grindy. Also I would like some sort of guaranteed reward for completing player training, you had the epic coins in CBT 1 so you could give us 2 epic coins after every player training run. Other than that, add more end game content in general, player training is not enough lol.

    Translations: Just going to come out and say it, the translations are still trash. This needs to be fixed, half of the things I read don't even make sense. It is readable and you can generally get the gist of what it is trying to tell you but that isn't good enough. Hopefully this gets fixed so I can enjoy the story and the world, as of now I've just been skipping all of the story and waiting till the translations improve so I can actually understand the story.

    Hades Feedback

    So Hades is the first character I played this CBT, while I didn't dislike her, I didn't particularly like her either. That is probably due to the fact that she just doesn't fit my play style. There's a few skills in particular that annoyed me though, the first skill is Elegant Dodge, her right click. To me this skill feels a bit odd to use, the fact that you have to press it twice to activate the dashing mechanic sort of annoys me, because lets be real that is what it is mainly used for anyways. Another skill that just feels unsatisfying to me is Summon: Death. I think it felt unsatisfying because it wasn't instantaneous, the delay just felt off to me. Other than that Hades was enjoyable.

    Audrey Feedback

    Maybe it's just me, but Audrey feels really smooth to play. Her skills are very smooth and all work well together. My only real complaint with Audrey is her reliance on mods. You can either be useless or quite strong depending on the mods you have and it's quite frustrating to rely on getting good mods on your gear as chances are you won't get good mods.

    Derrick Feedback

    Derrick is almost perfect, I only have one suggestion for him and that has to do with his right click, Leap Shatter. I think the skill would feel much better if you increased the range a tiny bit and you made it so the distance you leaped is based where your mouse is. So the leap distance is not fixed, you can control exactly where you leap. Also I feel I should notify KOG of a particular build that I can see becoming troublesome in the future. That is a build focused around the skill Earth Shatter. This skill does insane damage, has the striking effect, and has no cooldown. The drawback is it costs 400 mana. While that is a hefty mana cost, if you build for mana regeneration you can easily circumvent that mana cost and pretty much spam Earth Shatter (which one shots entire packs of enemies). This build might not actually be troublesome, but I do see the potential for it to be very very overwhelming.

    Nagne Feedback

    I see a lot of people saying Nagne is weak, but in reality he's probably a bit above average. It is pretty clear to me why people say he is weak though. Simply put, his early game is bad and he is probably the most difficult hero to do well with. My first suggestion for Nagne is to replace his initial right click (Cloud Walk) with a mod called Leap Slash. Cloud Walk just feels terrible to use and makes the early game more difficult then it has to be. Other than that I think Nagne is in a decent spot, although I don't particularly like his R (Blink Slash) so if you decided to do something with that ability I wouldn't complain.

    B Feedback

    What I'm about to say is probably going to anger a lot of people, but I want everyone to know that B is my favorite character in the game and probably always will be. So this is coming from a true B fanboy. I'm going to just be outright with this, B needs nerfed. There is no way around this, he is simply too strong currently. I feel he was in a decent place in CBT 1 but now he is overwhelmingly strong. So much so that he does 2x the damage of most heroes and has 2x the clear speed. So while he needs nerfed, that does not mean he needs to be gutted or changed in any significant way as I do like his play style. I'm going to just pitch a few ideas that I think would make him more balanced.

    I guess first is first, his spin2win move (Spiral Slash). This skill feels very satisfying to use and requires good positioning by the player so I actually like the way this skill functions but it's damage is a bit too high. So for this skill I would suggest nerfing it's initial damage by 40%. Every consecutive Spiral Slash after the initial one though will add 40% more damage up to 200%. This will cause the skill to be doing 120% of it's current damage at 5 stacks but the initial few hits wouldn't hit as hard. I think this rewards positioning and actually using other skills to interrupt bosses. Next up is Hallucination, one of B's T skills. This skill is just ridiculous for single target and honestly I can't think of a good way of nerfing it without completely making the skill useless. Just note that this skill is very over powered in it's current state. That's all I have for B suggestions but I'm not sure if that would be enough to bring him back in line.

    Final Thoughts

    This is the only game in a long time that I have been so engrossed in. Hopefully KOG does this game right and keeps P2W elements out. As far as I can tell the GM's are very active and friendly which is much more than I can say about most other games. Thank you all for taking the time to read this, and if KOG reads this please take your player feedback (not just mine) into consideration. Don't let player feedback control your decisions but don't ignore player feedback either.
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    btw idk if you noticed this...but higher lv audery gear loses some modes which is somewhat you cant get rocketlauncher or grenade toss on the end game gear that currently is there..while you could get those options on lower lv audrey gear. I kinda agree on your audrey feedback tho...depending on mods that you get, shes either REALLY strong or really weak


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      Actually I love her right click skill XD It gets me out of tough situations all the time! Did you try her right click modification? She becomes like a melee character and kick her way out of situations ^______^ But the rest I agree with yay She is fun! Also i recommend not playing her with a touchpad....its nearly impossible and people give up on her after the tutorial XD


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        So nice to be able to log into forums couldn't all CBT1 but yeah I find Hades Rclick to also be amazing decent dps and about the only way to spam her mana away for the passive if you use it I don't know why you wouldn't she uses almost no mana as it is.
        The biggest thing is mouse control double right click then take the mouse to the other side of the screen and do it agian as fast as u can.


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          Originally posted by Cecel View Post
          So nice to be able to log into forums couldn't all CBT1 but yeah I find Hades Rclick to also be amazing decent dps and about the only way to spam her mana away for the passive if you use it I don't know why you wouldn't she uses almost no mana as it is.
          The biggest thing is mouse control double right click then take the mouse to the other side of the screen and do it agian as fast as u can.
          I don't know, last I played Hades (which was the first day of CBT 2) if I used the right click just once it would bounce me back to my original starting position and it was VERY frustrating. Not even sure what caused it, all I know is it was annoying lol.


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            I get that sometimes also, I think its when I triple click or click too fast I can't say for sure but I haven't had too much trouble with it.


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              Now that CBT 2 is nearing it's end I decided to update the initial post, I thoroughly enjoyed CBT 2 ^.^