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    I don't know if this is intentional or not, but when I've been replaying the first mirror of Third World solo, I haven't been getting any experience from it. The only time I received exp was when I first cleared it for the side quest, and in that case, I'm not sure if I received exp from the dungeon itself or if I only got it from the quest completion. If this is intentional, I can understand that Third World is something of a grinding ground for the uhh...watchamacallit...Pantheon (?) mats. The triangular looking item that can be redeemed at Heimdal for gear boxes and unlocking Heimdal. But, then the pickup rate of those mats is random too. I'd be fine with at least having a little experience gain from the bosses or even just the final bosses of Third World mirrors, as exp from regular mobs can be understandably imbalanced since the instances are a grind for gear and such.

    I haven't ran through any other mirrors yet, nor have I ran any in a party, so I don't know if it's just something happening with the first mirror or if it's all of them, but I'll be attempting to run the second mirror a few times today to check if the lack of exp is universal.

    I do also remember that in the navigation it states "Team Repeatable". Does this mean solo is the only thing affected by no-exp?

    In summary:
    -No exp from Third World solo runs
    -Exp gain from just bosses or final bosses could be nice

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    The Third World area inst meant to give xp. It didn't give it in CBT1 and from the looks of it the only thing that was changed was the xp you get from the side quest after completing it. The Third World area is meant to farm mats to rank up the sidekicks to increase the rank of them. Granted the rate and the amount of mats you get from it is based on luck when it comes to the card flipping at the end which should be looked into if they want that placed to be farmed (just saying). But I guess what Im trying to say is Third world isnt meant to be farmed for xp its for mats thats it no more no less. You get more xp from doing player training anyways.


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      True true, I figured that was the case. I ran it for an hour or so yesterday to see how long it would take to get 1 lvl 31 epic box and it doesn't feel worth the time because of also losing out on exp that could be earned during that time. Although, I suppose the 2 minutes per run would be shortened re-running at a higher level with more damage output. I was running the first mirror at level 29, averaging 2 minutes 10 seconds per run.


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        How about if you play in third world you can train your sidekicks faster? since third world are for sidekicks after all


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          Oooo, yeah, that could work too. =]