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Discarding items in inventory

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  • Discarding items in inventory

    When you play the game you get a lot of equipment quickly and its a hassle to delete them one by one. So would you consider maybe having a box that lets you tick a certain rarity that you would like to delete from your inventory so if you have to many normal equipment and you don't have the time to discard them all you can just tick that and click discard and it discards all of that rarity?
    But anyway that's just my opinion, I don't know if others share my pain in using the effort to discard stuff but I think it would just make the game less tedious in that sense.

    Love the game though.

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    Dismantle the items you dont use, i find it rather easy to do, to keep it nice and clean in my INV.


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      Well then how about the same type of thing but with dismantling instead of discarding. Either way it would make being in the inventory a little bit faster than what it is right now.