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  • Feedback/question from me

    Are you guys going to announce the last day for the founder packs?
    - The reason being is that if this game launches too late into this year, then it would be a waste of me buying the packs as time wouldn't allow me to play.

    The beta was okay for me, really enjoyable but repetitive as well. The gears are different in names and icons, but its the same in physical appearance. The costumes are the uniqueness of each character, but if there isn't a lot of them in the future then a lot of players are going to look the same. The dungeons and especially player training are pretty repetitive. They are fun, but its just repeating a lot and if we are going to grind out all those levels(70-200) with just player training it's going to be tough. I've only played this beta, no youtube, google or any knowledge i have done for this game yet. Just second beta experience.

    The mechanics of this game is really amazing and fun. Can't get bored of playing even though i only played Nagne i leveled to about 107 and didn't have a thought of playing another character. I would try another character for the official launch.

    Another thought was that after story mode, there are no more interesting story clips and etc.. That made the end-game of this beta a little dull because after story mode it's just pure grind with player training. Not hoping for more story clips but just a little more into the end game would be nice. The loot is really nice, pretty much every card is useful to choose. The mobs usually drop pennies and occasionally drop some items is what i like about this setup. If each mob would drop something, inventory would be full in one run possibly.

    My biggest hope for this game would be PVP. I usually play games strictly for PVP, but this game was something for me. Legitimately spent hours on top of hours in PVE making my Nagne lvl 107.

    Overall 8/10 from me even though is beta.