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  • Lloyd's Feedback 2.0

    Will try not to write a novel this time. Just gunna say that I still stand by everything from my CBT1 feedback. So, only concerning the differences between the two betas:
    1. Past Stories was a helpful addition, but the fact that you couldn't access them after Story Complete (when everyone wants to grind) made them worthless. Similarly, the second questline was very appreciated (helped keep us on task during Beta), but the fact that it could become impossible to complete after Story Complete and you couldn't skip missions was quite frustrating.
    2. I liked the new scaling for EXP, and the balanced scaling in Player Training, but I felt Third World was made more difficult in the end. I needed to be level 100+ before I could handle the last Third World mission, and I didn't get to try the Pantheon ones. I also thought the story missions were scaled down a bit too much - I barely struggled on Hilaria and Enkidu, and I barely died at all. Though that was offset by the decreased amount of dropped gear in the story missions.
    3. The new shops and upgrade mechanics were cool, but I didn't play around with them much. I also felt like Liberation was too inaccessible - you had to get REALLY lucky with the drops and grind for hours to even play it. If you had the second quest line leading up to it, why not throw in a gear set at the end that could access it? An Emblem that would boost you to 170 depth or something, idk.
    4. Although this CBT had 50% more accounts created for it (4673 vs 3172), most people felt there was less activity overall. Dunno how to take that, but it's a fact worth mentioning.
    5. I didn't read much of the text, but I did see a fair amount of typos and missed Korean text. Just gotta proofread more, I guess. When I go through the official game, I'll screenshot as much of it as I can. Unless there's a team dedicated to proofreading, perhaps we should have a thread solely for typos and translation reporting?

    As far as Mary and Hades, I only played Hades. I think she was fairly balanced, leaning sliiiiightly on the OP side. She's definitely a glass cannon crowd control - can gather and trash tons of mobs, but mess up once or take two hits and all your health is gone. Certain skill mods make her insanely strong though - the jump attack allowing you to hover and the gather mod on Meteor Strike are extremely good to have.

    Overall, I didn't enjoy this one any more or less than CBT1, because they were mostly the same game. Less time to play this go around, but in general there wasn't much different for the players to get involved with. If I had had longer to mess around with things and level properly, I'd be able to say more. But a day job and sleep for said day job left me with only a few hours each day, not counting this Friday night. I'm hoping this means that this was just a second test to confirm things server-side, so I'm eagerly looking forward to the OBT, should it be next.