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  • JeiBae's CBT2 Feedback

    Hello! It's me, JeiBae! Leaving my feedback of CBT! I only played: Ara, Audrey, Mary, and Hades. Let's get started!

    Ara Impressions
    • I love her playing style! It is very fun and comfortable! I love bouncing around. Unfortunately, I did not get to play her as much because I was in love with Mary and Hades. I cannot give a lot of feedback on her since I got her to lvl 14. However, my friend played her till 100. And I saw some of her struggles. She does not use a mouse, so she was using a track pad. Her LMB+RMB skill was hard for her to use on a track pad. Maybe you guys can keyboard bind that skill as well? Also she had an issue with too much bouncing. In certain dungeons, (idk if its lag) but she would bounce away from the direction she pointed towards. I do not know if there is a way to fix that but I hope you guys can ^___^ Also, she complained a lot about mana control. It is hard for her to have mana left over after bouncing around a lot. Maybe you guys can create a gear that reduces her mana usage?
    Mary impressions
    • At first she felt weird to me because I wasn't use to close range and I couldn't get a handle on how to run her. After leveling up and getting awesome gear, I fell in love with her. So she is ranked second place. Unfortunately I only got her to lvl 50 (last minute grind was real!!!) She was really fun to play!
    • Best customization:
      • Flame Ring
      • Super Finishing Move
    • I like the choices between MMA and Wrestling. I preferred the mixture of both ^___^
    • Things I did not like:
      • Squishy in a way but not as squishy as ara; however I did have a low depth
      • Not as much damage without the right customization/ did not reach my expectation because I expected more from her
      • Lee Kick was hard to control. It would always overshoot like go across the screen even when I press 1 again like after she gets into the air. It would completely miss bosses and monsters. It is a great getaway skill but I have a feeling it was meant for damage LOL. So maybe if you can't make that adjustment...maybe make a gear that will make the Lee Kick lock on to monsters.
    Hades impressions
    • I fell in love with her as soon as I played her. (Note: I tried to play her two ways, one with touch pad and one with mouse; if you play her with touch pad then you are missing out especially on her combos, controlling her movements, and her tiamat breath. Using the mouse is the best option for hades. Some characters like ara you do not really need a mouse/ you can manage it without a mouse.) I leveled her to 100
    • Best customization:
      • Swinging Axe People
      • Skeleton Archers
      • Bind with Grimm reaper
      • Multiple chains
    • Things I did not like:
      • The Void butterfly…although it is pretty but compared to the rest of the skills it is pretty weak without enhancements from gear
      • Her 1st R skill keeps going away from my mouse LOL it was hard to control XD but it was a good runaway maneuver XD After I gained the second R skill, I start using that instead. It is a shame the 1st R skill does some nice damage. #pleasefix #luv_u
    Audrey Impressions: I honestly did not like her game play. I thought I would but she is weak without the right customization and my luck was terrible. I do not want her to be buff because in end game it mellows out. Maybe add more special skill (purple) drops for Audrey? However, I only played her to lvl 14 and then I could not play her anymore because of the playing style. I just think she was not meant to be for me LOL

    General game impressions
    • Things that I liked:
      • The characters and their social interaction #NagnesBeDraggin
      • Fishing
        • I love to fish as a past time on the game. However we could only get potions and maya fragments from fishing. Will there be anything else added to it like costume drops? Or maybe make like exp pots that would give us an experience boost for like 30 minutes or a exp book that gives us a certain amount of exp? or maybe sidekick exp books?
      • Love the graphics
      • Love the music
      • Love the story yet it depresses the heck out of me T___T
        • I was able to understand the storyline. A lot of people complained that they did not understand it. I feel like if people read the story of ibrahim (?) that you guys gave us since the beginning a lot of things will clear up? Maybe...maybe not LOL
      • Love how every monster is different and I will always hate the Enkidu boss XDDD #WAY2HARD especially since after enkidu...all of the bosses and monsters are much easier
      • GMs were very helpful and funny
      • Making friends was pretty easy too since our default settings is the public channel (well for me it is...I noticed that people from different countries did not have people play with them because of the time zone differences and they were playing when peak playing hours were already over)
      • Love how each character have different tool tips, story tidbits, and loading screens
      • Love how the characters are involved with the story line; it make sense now; although…very depressing… <333
    • Things that I would like changed:
      • Some of the tool tips that appear on the loading screen are awkward to read due to grammar and word usage
      • In the chat section there's still some Korean. If I remember correctly it said Player Chat? Was that for your party to chat or was that taken out?
      • When you press esc to exit out the story line, if there's audio then, instead of completely stopping, it would sound like a mush up of Korean syllables and then end. Is it possible to completely end it? If it is then that would be wonderful.
      • The in-game/in dungeon story line is good. However some of the story line depictions are full screen and the monsters still spawn and attack. I would love it if either the story line depictions are not full screen or don't spawn the monsters until everyone has finished reading the story line.
      • Is it possible for you guys to have like a practice area? Just for practicing the character skills. Kinda like Elsword with Camilla…she has a training area where you face like one or five monsters to see how to work the skill or perfect a combo and you don't gain exp.
      • THAT ENKIDU BOSS! I love how he is hard but sometimes he is really OP. And its kinda weird how after you defeat enkidu (the eel boss from ice bridge), the rest of the monsters are quite easy to defeat until you reach the lvl 70 boss, hiliaria 5.0 LOL thats not her real name XD #spoileralert She became a goddess fire dragon. But yeah those two bosses were OP. Idk if it was meant to be that way but the struggle was real. Eventually my friend and I beat both stages. The first OP boss was defeated by hades, ara and audrey. (We probably would have died less if we had like a derrick with us). The goddess was defeated by ara and hades combo <333 But yeah.. uhh my suggestion for this... have more super bosses so that it does not feel random.
    • Possible Bugs:
      • In snow white castle, I was trying to take a screen capture for the event. Instead of saying that it was saved in my folder, snow white froze the whole room and I could not move at all. I know its her skill to freeze you but I did not unfreeze…even after my character died. The screen was frozen with snow and then I got disconnected from server. (This is as my health keeps going down...i was at full health LOL)
      • One of the bosses jumped into the air and did not come back down for like 10 seconds. It was funny XD I was not sure if it was because we were lagging. I forgot the name of the boss T___T It was one of the bosses that jumps up in the air and then smash the ground around him.
      • I keep automatically un-mounting whenever I get to HQ. I do not know why but it happened to me all the time. And it seems that it only happened to me T___T I would not press a button. I was not even messaging beforehand because my friends and I are on Skype. Every time we go back to HQ, I am the only one they are looking for because I have fallen off somewhere XD
      • When mounting people, sometimes I automatically un-mount them as well and I didn't press anything XDDD It's so weird LOL
      • Story icon. Like While we are reading the story line before the dungeon starts, I noticed that when someone is reading it a glowing book appears on top of their selected character. Sometimes that icon does not go away. Like when we are fighting, I still see that icon but there is not a story session in progress.
      • I had an issue when I was playing hades, I could not equip some gear even when I was in HQ. I had to restart the game client and then it worked. But yeah, that was really weird.
      • On the last day, I had a gear that needed to be identified. I went to lady lapin and when I was finished, the screen was still there. It did not go away until I went to the next dungeon.
    I think that is it. I will comment later on if I remember anything else. Good luck! Hwaiting! Can't wait for more ^___^

    oh also! I know you guys are going to release all 16 characters on the NA version. Will you guys do this all the time? IDK why but I feel like we should earn the rest of the game characters either in pve, pvp, or both XD it would be fun like after we reach a certain team lvl we unlock a new character or when a certain character reaches a certain lvl we unlock a char ^___^

    I have another question as well! Will there be a glow feature on upgraded equipment? Also will we be able to upgrade the gear from lets say blue to pink or pink to purple?
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    So! I was just reminded about talking about the GUI of Herowarz!

    Okay SOOO The GUI... I personally do not like how everything is full screen mode. I prefer if the inventory was separate, like how it is in the Korean version. However, if you are keeping it full screen, can you possibly allow users to change the color and transparency? I am the type of person that likes color instead of a grey background. Also the chat is hard to modify. I would like to have the option to shrink the chat screen and the mini map. Sometimes a monster is far away and as a range person, I have to keep my sometimes when I attack, I ended up click the chat or the mini map.

    Also I do not know if this is intentional but I've noticed that when I am in dungeon, the clan chat has changed into the customization tab. Whenever I type in text, it would the switch back to clan chat. But everything else, I did not mind.

    Whatelse? Ahh you guys said you were going to change the party system. I believe that is a great but I also want to be able to still party up with my friends via mount. Is it possible to keep this option as well as the newly updated one?

    I made a comment on this thread instead of editing my original because it new feedback that I wanted to add ^^