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  • Vatar's late Feedback

    Obligatory Disclaimer: I've no experience in reviewing whatsoever, just a random player so my, very short, feedback is merely an opinion. Also I only played till level 31 so my experience with Derrick and story will be limited from the beginning to Fabletown included.

    Derrick:And because I've only played till level 31, I can't say I know much about Derrick's role. I've been under the impression you could go in a more tank-y build or DPS, and I can see that in his skills(shield, taunt, chainz, damaging aura...) but I haven't unlocked all skill so I've pretty much been a DPS getting at least 40% damage on the chart (dunno if my teammates didn't spam enough or lower gear? I did get an epic armadillo around level 21). I pretty much loved the character so that's an useless feedback lol.

    But the next section is the one I want to speak, as asked, even if briefly:

    Story & Character Development: What I like about the story presentation is how you get different perspectives and small pieces from the extra logs.
    The issue is that it gets convoluted to remember who is who at the beginning (I still don't know who are the side characters going with us on the Sphinx Chapter, Baldie & Idiot Fragment User & IdkSomeGuy saying they know they're weak? Were they even introduced?) and it becomes easy to forget specific important information and it gets tedious to skim through the logs again in the hope to find it; one good example would be the Prophecy.
    The Clone&Death plot twist could've been fun to theorize about with the aid of the Prophecy before it was revealed for example! But I guess the solution would be that I wrote the prophecy down in the Wiki or that I actually stop being lazy. ;-;
    Said Wiki could be fairly useful to fill in the questions about X character though; I've been wondering about the opening cinematic of Chapter 1(?) which showed, from memory, the lawyer&the priest&idk who woman creating their own country in year 45. And yet it seems we're now in year 515; do they age slowly or were they different persons looking the same? @_@
    And if they're the same person, where's their country at?

    I find it a shame that the openings&endings of each chapter seemed to be of fairly low video quality(or resolution? no expert here) as it does poor justice to the delightful ones of Fabletown, I really REALLY loved them.

    What else? I guess a mute button for Mind would be juicy, Snow White's still a weirdo for faking her accent and Tony is still a goon.

    And thank you for giving us a chance to play the game o/