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InfriX's CBT 2 Feedback

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  • InfriX's CBT 2 Feedback

    Before I start, I would like for you guys to check feedbacks from CBT 1 because there are many points that are relevant to CBT 2 also. And I'm just gonna right a small feedback.


    • Lore in Herowarz is there, but feels disconnected. Sometimes I get it but a lot of times, it just gets confusing when puzzling them up.

    • The SP needs to be gained during leveling up(or other method) not after finishing the story mode . It can create multiple unique builds for characters and it can create diversity for a character

    • The story mode felt short, it was easy to reach the end of it. The dungeon mobs and bosses were much easier(i think) and it lacks challenge playing it. I reccomend adding minor missions and make the story much longer to play.

    • Deus Report is a good feature, it is great when you skipped a dialouge and it can be viewed if wanted.

    • The new merchants and additions in the Historic Headquarters were cool but there is not much to interact with.

    • There are more players in this CBT but there is little engagement of the players other than the party and clans.

    • The EXP and drops in the Player Training is more balance and less frustrating but the Liberation is almost unplayable, you have to be really lucky with item drops or spend countless hours just to get a good one.

    • There are still some typos in some texts.


    ​​​I only played Hades in this CBT. Based from Hades in the Korean version, Hades here is nerfed and I actually like the nerf. It is more balance but it has some OP aspects still in it. At higher level, I can compete in damage-wise to other much higher players with the right gear customization and correct combos.

    I enjoyed this CBT but not more than the last CBT because even there are new minor additions, it felt I was playing the last CBT. It lacks player interaction and only few things to do other than the story and player training. I am very much looking forward for the OBT.
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