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  • Lengthy General Feedback

    About me: I have played a ton of ARPGs, which I feel this game is more akin to, like Path of Exile, Marvel Heroes, Torchlight 2 and Diablo 3. I played only CBT2, got to level 100 on Hades and level 70 on Derrick. I did all of the mirror missions but the last and thus was not able to try to the pantheon or labyrinth (which I think are locked behind this last mirror). I also got most of the others to level 8 just to see the basics. I enjoyed the game, but feel it could be better. Not going to point out bugs as I am sure they will get squashed or talk on things I don't know (end-game - is there really one? or premium = p2w?)

    1. Party System: Having to mount up to be in a party is quite annoying to say the least. That one person who didn't get on the cart, we move on without him, then all have to go to town and then get in the mount again. A consistent party mechanism would be so much better than HAVING to be in the mount.

    2. Trash Mobs: I think in any given mission or Player Training we are spending about 95% of our time killing trash. Okay it probably isn't that high but it is pretty horrible. And they can take awhile to kill depending on your setup or if they will "gather' themselves easily.

    3. Loot Drops: #2 hinders the loot system because you feel like you are wasting your time on mobs that won't drop anything meaningful. I know with the 2x buff we did see a few more purples and the super rare pink item from the lesser mobs. Maybe I am just too used to the 'pack' mentality from other games where one enemy at least from each pull is important/interesting and could contain good loot. Loot gain felt much better with the 2x buff than with the base drop rate.

    4. Loot: I feel like the system in place is pretty good, but I feel like everyone will go for the same few mods that are worth it while the rest are just mediocre at best. Thus leaving each person playing a certain character almost exactly like the next. Maybe a buff to worse mods would go a long ways to helping this. I do not like the stat lines (dmg, mana, cd, etc) on weapons, since they have to be interpreted and don't give exact values. I feel like loot could be better or another teir added, but again something I doubt will change in our version - unless it changes at some point in the original game.

    5. Displacement: Maybe it was because I played Hades a lot, but moving all the mobs around was horrible. Mobs were going everywhere which was very frustrating to my Mary friend. I can't say I've seen a game where you can control the placement of all the mobs as much as in this game.

    6. Balance: When a character can only use two skills to do optimal damage (Ara), then something must be wrong. I consistently did nearly 2x damage of my Mary friend while playing Hades. One instance in player training a B did 75% damage and everyone was very active. Some characters have multiple skills with choice, others have only like 1 or 2 skills that have a choice - talent wise.

    7. Fun: I had fun but I don't feel like it would be long-term fun. I honestly didn't see a character I thought I would even call my main, after watching the videos online for all classes - even ones not yet released here. Maybe it is just me, but my friend only saw two classes he would want to main, Mary (if buffed) and Jerry if shes fun/balanced+. Maybe because I typically like casters and no character seemed to be 100% ranged damage and was very caster like - to me.

    All in all the game was enjoyable, but I felt like it would be a one-month game to me. (like nearly every MMO released in the last 10 years). I guess I wrote this because I felt the game had some hope to be a good game (in my eyes) with a few tweaks.

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    honestly i kinda prefer that the mobs have a bit of beef to them and not die in 2 hits -,- it kinda makes the games less fun tbh when u can run thro and 2 hit all the general mobs and then kill the boss in like 10 seconds...