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    I played Ara all the way up to lvl 103. It was fun, and I surprisingly didn't get bored of the grinding, which I usually do.

    I have some things that slightly bothered me while playing, but it wasn't really a big deal (like, not enough to impact the fact that I really like this game and it's only in beta).

    It would be nice if there were mob drops for mana recovery (like the meat that some enemies drop for hp), and maybe some mana recovery potions too? I noticed that I would use up my mana quickly and because my weapon stats didn't offer a good recovery rate, I couldn't use a lot of my skills and would have to wait a couple minutes just for my mana to become full again before moving on.

    I also played solo for a while (because no one joined the same public channel while I was leveling). It's nice that the enemy difficulty changes depending on the number of players, but maybe when there's less people, the amount of enemies could also be reduced (idk is that too easy)? It's a bit overwhelming when playing alone and about 50 enemies swarm me all at once while I'm using a long range character.

    Also, on that note, maybe it was just because it was a CBT and there weren't as many people as there will be when the game comes out officially, but I was always on the public channel, and not once did I have a person join my channel from around levels 10 - 63. I think this is because the story generally corresponds to which level a person is, and I was never really the same level as the people in the HQ? idk, but it was pretty lonely.

    Idk if it's just because the venus shop wasn't open yet, or because it was a CBT, but I couldn't access it.

    It's something small, but also, maybe you should change "team name" to something else (like username?) or at least explain that it will be the name that shows up for all characters. My friend thought that it would act as a name similar to a guild name (and it would show up as a secondary name), and that the characters could be named differently.

    I love Ara and all her skills, and I also really like how the weapons also offer extra boosts to the skills, although sometimes you have to abandon those boosts for a weapon that does better damage.

    The game overall was really fun and I really enjoyed it, but since I was focused on leveling, I didn't really get a chance to experience the story. The voice acting is fun to listen to (when I actually listen to it lol), and I'm hoping you keep the korean voices because those seem to fit better.
    The art is amazing as well as the animations for the skills. I especially love that one anime style cutscene. It blew my mind away because I wasn't really expecting it, but I actually sat through that one cutscene because it was so cool (I kinda want this story as an anime so I could watch it all in one go)
    And in the HQ, I really really realllyyyy love the music "buttons" near the piano that you step on to play music. It's a cool feature which I hope will be in the game when it's officially released.

    I can't wait till the game is released so I can play all the characters