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HeroWarz CBT Feedback and Suggestions *MUST READ*

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  • HeroWarz CBT Feedback and Suggestions *MUST READ*

    Welcome to the HeroWarz Closed Beta Test!

    The teams at KOG Games and A.Storm have worked (quite literally) around the clock to bring HeroWarz into the inaugural, monumental, and of course… larger-than-life CBT.

    The reason HeroWarz is launching in a CBT format is to undertake a number of vital tasks. We are not only here to invite all of you to help us test the limitations of a new game, new systems, new network, framework and perform the age-old bug hunt… We want your feedback.

    We would like to make a special request to all of you participating in the CBT and Beyond:
    We want you! – To provide direct and focused feedback about what you think about the HeroWarz Story and Character Development. Tell us about how you feel about how the playable characters develop, the NPCs, the Story, the lore and how it all comes together… or better yet (spoiler alert!), unravels and makes enemies of friends and family.

    Of course, feedback about the myriad of game features and playability will be welcome! But please remember to keep all feedback constructive and detailed! In some cases, a game launch can be far from perfect, but we want to hear about everything… the good and the bad.

    We believe that constructive, well thought-out CBT feedback is integral to getting the HeroWarz launch pointed in the right direction, and it allows us to do what we came here to do; just a whole lot better… make a fun, exciting and engagingly immersive game that takes the action-game norm straight off the rails.

    So, bring your A game and a can of bug spray, there’s a lot of fun of be had and a lot of work to do!