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Derrick Skills that need to be fixed.

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  • Derrick Skills that need to be fixed.

    first of all, Derrick is love, Derrick is life.

    Derrick's [Relentless Slap], the mana recovery on the final hit is supposed to be 4 mana per hit, but doing this on a stack of mobs grouped up dosent seem to give me anything at all, not sure if its bugged completely or if you just need to buff it make it actually noticeable.

    The skill called [Derrick] works perfectly fine and holds the enemies down whenever i play solo, but as soon as i play in a group and use this skill it gives me the "CANCEL" notification but does not hold the Target down like it does in Solo. Edit: after trying this out for abit it only seems to do this on certain levels/mobs.
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