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Hades Weapon Mod; "Summon: Skeletal Executioner"

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  • Hades Weapon Mod; "Summon: Skeletal Executioner"

    I hate to do this but probably a bug but I hope it is just miss translation but the skill reads as "blah blah blah summoned when enemies are killed or boss, mutants, and champion monsters are hit by [Guillotine.]" currently does happen when you kill things with guillotine, the broken part is the second, currently happens without the use of Guillotine on bosses I can have 3 (seems to be the max) up the whole time. It is really good dps and I like it this way otherwise without the mod itself doesn't seem worth it. I know the skeletal archer mod works on bosses affected by wailing spirit then critically hitting them but I haven't got this mod on a good weapon to test it yet.

    So a compromise that I think would both bring it more in line with other stuff would be 1 of 2 things;

    A. You can lower the amount able to be out to 2 and we keep the ability to summon them off bosses with whatever is doing it at this moment I am not sure I think it is crits but it is hard to tell right now because my current setup has 4 dots + these guys so it could be crits for all I know.

    B. The other option could be for a set time after a boss is hit with guillotine we have a chance per hit or crit to summon them and leave the max at 3. I think the second option would probably lower the damage a good bit more then losing a skeleton so with this increase their time out to 15 seconds maybe.

    If indeed this is just a translation issue that's an easy fix just reword the boss part to whatever it is that we do to do the thing that makes the giant axe murdering skeletons I love come out to play.