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  • Compiled Audrey Bug Report

    Oke so Kumiho for some magical reason convinced me to stop being lazy about my Audrey complaints. And seeing as how during the latest patch nor many forums posts have any regards for her, i'm going to use this day to find as many bugs as I possibly can for the character.

    The patch notes didn't mention much so I don't know if this was fixed in the maintenance before I log in or not.

    Audrey's Heatseekers are normally suppose to lock on to any burning foe and cause extra damage while restoring mana proportional to the amount of burning enemies the attacked when it is activated. There could be an entire wave of burning enemies and it is no where near rare to see the skill never activate. I don't know if there is suppose to be a chance heatseekers fail or not, but it happens to do nothing way more often then attack.
    (As a mana restoring move i'm surprised no one really mentions this, but when brought up to zone chat other Audrey's have similar feelings on it.)

    D2 Drones(never really used it until lately so i might not have the right name) Have never given me this problem. It could also be the item skill ''Siege Mode''. Through story quests this was never an issue but once I started running Player Program stage with Audrey the D2 skill will randomly black out midway through a stage and become unusable. D2's Remain that way until we either enter the next stage of the program or finish it and continue functioning, but end up blacking out again.

    If I find any other things out of place i'll post here. Been having more fun than searching for bugs, xD.


    D2 Destroyer Siege mode won't reactivate if you run off the screen while siege is still in battle. You can run back to it and it will disappear properly. Not the biggest issue but it might be something worth looking into if this secretly effects D2 in all modes.
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    The heatseeker does feel like it could use some improvement. I'm at level 100 and still don't know how to use it properly as it would sometimes activate and other times not work at all. As for the stationary drones, those never despawn unless they get a few shots in and I stay on screen for them to disappear. If I spawn one and it fires once or not at all, it won't despawn for me, even after waiting a few minutes. I don't experience this problem with the normal drones quite nearly as much.


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      Lv: 137 Audrey
      Depth: 165

      I feel like Audrey in general has slower attacks like yeah it looks cool but charge up / animation skills put her behind B and a lot of other characters as a DPS. I feel like she needs to have her mana cost cut, or at least when you regain mana from heat seeker skill, it actually regenerates a decent amount of mana to cast 1-2 more skills. I literally get out-DPS'd by players around my depth and level range which doesn't make sense really. CUT MANA COST or i probably won't use her in the future