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    Hello there, just some little issues that I seem to have run when I play Player Training mode.

    One of them, seems that the Lightening when special enemies get the buff, doesn't do any damage. I don't have any kind of invisibility buff on and I can just stand in the Danger Zone without having to worry about the obstacle. Not that the enemies are already difficult when fighting in a narrow space... QuQ

    And second little thing, every time I use the portal to go to the next area, I can't move once I loaded in. I mean I just have to click to attack and then I'm able to move, but a little thing I thought to brought up.

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    I had the same issue of not being able to move once I was in the next stage, which I also could resolve by just clicking to attack once. I also had an issue with clicking the portals to activate them to even go to the next stage. It some times took me a good 15 seconds or so of walking around the portal while clicking different spots to finally start loading into the next stage. .-.