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more random bugs before i forget them(CBT2)

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  • more random bugs before i forget them(CBT2)

    forum is bugged we cannot upload pictures as attachment, so you gonna have to figure everything yourself then!..(LOL)
    i had pictures for each bug but i cant post them.
    i played Mary a lot :P

    1.first i will start with the trapped bug where you cant move past book at start.
    -it can happen either if team start mission before you enter the map, or if you die at same time as boss dies.
    2. disconnects randomly after boss dies, well i can still chat and more but i cant progress with the team, only i was getting DC(on Mary after spamming skills i assume its her fault)
    3.some monsters can become stuck behind walls.
    4.text in japenese..on Mary equipement : Finishing move (back breaker related)
    5.Mary throwing a shadow in the ring, shadow bounced there until end of ring then boss teleported on shadow, i got "disconnected" after boss died(kicked to char screen)
    6.potions will become unusable for the entire map when you use it at same time you die..
    7.Mary "Super Flying Finish" makes her invincible, but she is affected by "lion roar" monsters which stuns her no matter what.
    8.Mary "Super Flying Finish" is impossible to move the targeting sometimes its stucked(randomly, didnt figure out why)
    9 .Mary Hera mask lasting infinitly after a disconnect bug similar to above(OMG THE MUSIC LASTS LIKE 1 MIN TOTAL)
    10.Mary "space" kick, i had an upgrade named "stampede" where i could charge the kick..if i started charging in air i stay in air charging, hitting NO mob on ground
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    Upload them to like google drive and link them ^____^

    And I, too, played mary and not being able to move the super flying finisher was quite annoying. Sometimes she would hit a mob or the boss and sometimes she will just land on nothing. OH! I dont know if this has happened to you, but sometimes the Super Flying Finish would cancel itself after I pressed the 3 again to activate the move. Like midway, after the light is shining and she stands on the top rope then suddenly she just gets off of it and starts fighting. And I am like o_O?

    Also this game is you mean the text was still in Korean?


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      ahh maybe ill upload later, not really used to foruming but this is a beta so im reporting some bugs i got at least :P
      the cancel of super flying finish was happening for me too but it was about 10 times rarer than the stuck part so i forgot :O
      also for me korean, japanese, chinese or any other sign the same for my foreigner
      i do know some japanese because of animes but not the kanjis, just by sound or written in abc letters.

      but i guess theres an..
      11.Mary "Super Flying Finish" cancel itself sometimes without doing its big aoe.