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  • Version 1.24

    • Character
      • Hades and Mary are now available as playable characters.
      • Audrey's play style has been revisited and changes have been made.
    • Missions
      • Guide Missions have been added and will now teach you how to fish, mount and more.
      • Previous Story Missions can now be replayed by pressing the Past Stories button.
    • System
      • Upgrade equipment is now available through Yabo in Historic Service Headquarters
      • Identify equipment is now available through Lapin in Historic Service Headquarters
      • The ability to inspect other players has been added
      • Death penalty has been implemented
        • Lv. 1-20: No decrease in EXP
        • Lv. 21-69: 10% decrease in EXP
        • Lv. 70 and above: 20% decrease in EXP
        • You will not level down
    • UI
      • Pantheon now shows as Third World
      • Tooltip has been added to Dismantle
    • Dungeon
      • Story dialogue will now play upon entering the dungeon
      • A barrier has been added to the starting point and players will not be able to move out of the starting point before the dungeon begins.
      • A book icon will appear when a player is still reading the story.
      • Once the dungeon starts, the Party Leader will be the only one that can progress the story dialogue.
      • When in a party, a "Join Together" button will appear after clearing each dungeon.
    • Changes
      • Keyboard Mode is now the default setting when creating a new character
      • Daily reward limit of Labyrinth, Player Training and Liberation has been decreased to 5.
      • Nickname length increased from 12 to 15.
      • Conditions for unlocking equipment slots are now based on quest completion instead of level requirements.
      • Sidekicks are now character based and must be acquired for each character.
      • NPC sizes have been slightly decreased.
      • Mounts no longer require identification.
    • Fixes
      • Male characters no longer have pink faces.
      • Gwen's illustration has been updated.
    • Map
      • Dimension Terminal (unlocks at Level 21) and Liberation's Wing have been added.
    • Misc
      • New sets of costumes can now be acquired.
      • Costumes that drop in game are now 7 day timed items.