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  • Version 1.25

    • Contents
      • Heimdal Shop
        • Added: Thick Sidekick Rank EXP Manual
      • Bug Fixes
        • Character
          • B
            • Fixed an issue where B would become immortal after equipping and removing equipment with the skill option [I think... I know this feeling]
          • Audrey
            • Normal attack effects are now visible.
            • Damage for [Fire Cracker] decreased
              • The damage output was much higher than originally intended
          • Mary
            • [Running Neckbreaker] should now happen as intended when holding down RMB (right mouse button)
            • [Running Neckbreaker]'s description should now correctly display that RMB will make Mary stop
            • The skill option [Stampeded] should now work as intended when equipment with [Mach Kick] and [Stampeded] are equipped.
        • Story Mission
          • Fixed an issue where the barrier does not disappear once the battle begins during party play.
          • [Gry's Shamans]
            • Fixed an issue that could cause potential server crashes
      • Misc
        • Added: New gameplay videos for Hades and Mary