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Version 1.26

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  • Version 1.26

    • Bug Fixes
      • On the 2nd stage of Liberation, the progress information will now appear correctly.
      • Equipment Upgrade window now shows the correct information.
      • No longer able to invite banned players through Recent Player list
      • Removed cooldown time from [Burning Potion]
    • Character
      • Mary
        • When [Chair Shot] activates [Chair Throw], it will now hit the monsters instead of landing near them.
        • Basic attack motions have been adjusted to feel smoother.
        • [Screw Piledriver]: Added "Fracture" to the description
      • Nagne
        • Fixed item skill bugs
          • [Qingcheng Sword]: Should now properly consume mana
          • [Paint Slash - Cloud]: Attack Speed increase now properly applied
    • Contents
      • Story Mission
        • Increased the drop rate of costumes when clearing Champion and Boss monsters
    • Misc
      • Added translations: Heimdal Shop, Myriad NPC (Clan)