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    Welcome to Noted!

    After Seven pretty much died out, Crappy, Slikrapids and myself (Nitro) decided to make our own clan. Before i realised it, Crappy had recruited half the server (give or take a few).

    The main purpose of this clan is to give a social aspect to the game for those who enjoy that. Personally i would not have stayed in the game untill this point, if i had not met my great friend Crappy and playing with him on a daily basis. It's our hope to make more friends and seeing friendships being made and grow within the clan.
    By now there are several people who can carry and help people, in order overcome the difficulties and intense grinding you will meet progressing through the game. This means we spend a lot of our time helping people clear third world, labyranth dailies, libration (hard) dailies, and when time allows it; normal libration and player training. Members are always welcome to ask for help, and we do aim to help as many as possible.
    Generally everyone is encouraged to help each other and ensure we all have a good time.

    Clan name.
    It's a secret why we picked it! However, those players who have been around for a long time can probably figure out the hint.

    We are currently 34 members, and usually there is at least 2-3 online, peaking around 7 currently. So chances are there is always some around to play with when you login. Currently there are members in the clan spread out across all timezones, so chances are high you can find people to play with at whatever part you may be at.

    We use the clan chat in game to communicate with each other,

    We don't really have any rules, but when the clan reach the member limit, we will look kick those who haven't shown up for atleast a week without giving notice.

    Joining Noted.
    The easiest and fastest way is to send a whisper to Nitro or Crappy. Nitro is here the most, so chances are best to get a hold of him. Alternatively you can leave a post here and we will try to get a hold of you as soon as possible.
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    10/10 would join this clan


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      Hello, I would like to join your guild . Daily and kinda active player here, my IGN: EclipseBringer


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        IGN : Rhinoserious