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    Where my armies at?!

    My bestie and I made a clan, BTS clan. We love BTS <333 Do not worry we are multifandomers. We do not bash other groups and do not bring that fanware ish to us because we do not care (save the drama for your mama not for the us...well maybe HopeTaeSoo :P jk jk jk) LOL

    We are mature fans and we wait out the storm. We do not talk about about other fandoms and etc. If you have an opinion then cool! We respect opinions! But do not bash groups especially BTS....I mean...this is a BTS...clan... *cough cough* Anyway, we love a lot more kpop type of music but sometimes you will catch us listening to jpop or jrock ^___^ <3 But for the most part...Kpop XD We are fiestar, stellar, sistar, bts, infinite, block b, suju, dbsk/jyj, shinee, big bang, btob, map6, exo, got7, f(x), dean, brian joo, rain trash LOL XD so many artists we like and always looking for more to support :3

    I've been in kpop scene since 2003 but didn't fall in love until 2006.

    Wow...I should quickly end this right? This is getting too long. LOL

    In general we love South Korea and Japan. So if you want to join, just whisper me or HopeTaeSoo and we will invite. We are very chill and we love to play with other kpoppers and talk about random groups.

    We will try to be on everyday. Sometimes we cannot because we are in college and have to think about our future LOL If you missed us then you can message me here or send a message to me on the forum and I can add. Just tell me what time you will most likely be on and I will keep an eye out for you. FYI we are on EST zone so that is GMT -5.

    man...this is a lame post LOL XD oh well...the deed is done XD

    OH! Also since only pve is available...(LOL) we are mostly pve.
    But when PVP comes out we will be a mixture of both. I have seen a lot of KR PVP games ^___^ And I am excited for it. It looks like is 95% based on skills and not builds! So I am excited~ Also I prefer team vs team than 1 vs 1. So yeah...when that comes out, hit me up <3 I will most likely join you and we can convince HopeTaeSoo to play as well :P

    Also why...would we have a requirement to join...this game just started so...chill LOL even later on...we won't have a requirement XD We love helping others soooo...yeah just join if you want to LOL or add us in game~ That's cool too ^___^

    Anyway, if you Korean culture (music, history, games, movies, dramas, language, fashion)** Japanese culture (similar list...LOL we aren't big anime fans XD HopeTaeSoo is more into anime than me but I am about dem ghibli movies <333 I am more of a Japanese movie and drama type <3 Japanese Scifi is a fun genre like Gantz <3 I have not seen the third one so please don't ruin it for me T___T *covers ears and eyes*)

    **We are mostly into the KCulture :3 And I love khip hop and KR&B as well as KRock <33 KIndie is pretty good too <3
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    Should i be afraid or..


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      Originally posted by Kraken View Post
      Should i be afraid or..
      up to you XD


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        Hey! I saw you the other day! Noiiiiccceeeee!

        Lemme in on the Kpopness!


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          There's a kpop clan? Well welp, wish I knew that earlier even if I don't regret joining the clan I'm in. Good luck with recruiting and all that stuff though.


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            Yee I'm a BTS fan since they're legit mang but can't join the guild thou as I'm in one I like right now. xD RIP RapMon beast


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              glad to see kpop fan can i join your guild?

              ign Scaci


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                Hey Suteki can you close this thread. This clan is now closed and I am joining another clan.