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    Game giving me exp from cards when i reach max 200 and have all 40 lvl sidekicks,can you explain this,where logic?


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      These cards are still usefull for lvlup sidekicks to lvl 50, anyway at certain point you will just care for the penny in the cards.

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    Originally posted by Elijah View Post
    Hello Players!

    First, we’d like to apologize for not being able to keep the promise of posting by Tuesday night (9/20).
    Due to workload from the patch last night, we were pushed beyond the proposed time frame, and in the end, unable to get the post up prior to the web servers coming down.

    We’ve been mulling hard over your comments, reports feedback, and general responses. With few exceptions, it is apparent that a lot of time and dedication has been devoted to the feedback provided; both on the forums, in tickets, and of course, through all requested/appropriate channels.
    Based on what’s been supplied, we’d like to focus on the following concerns: RNG, Grind, Pace of the Game (Mana, cooldown restriction, slowdown/delay mechanics triggered by skills), communication with the community, and UI. Beyond reported bugs and functionality issues, these will be the starting game mechanics and playability points that we’re going to be engaging head on.

    As we progress through each, individual issue, we’ll be communicating with you all. However, we’re going to ask you guys and girls to be patient with us. We fully understand and appreciate the fact that many of you have endured and stuck it out with us through it all.
    From changes, updates ,content and more... there's a lot of really exciting stuff coming down the pipe.

    We are not able to give you a definitive date on when these issues will be fixed, and we can’t make those kinds of guarantees in advance, but every team we have is engaged in talks and taking action as we speak on these very topics. An in-depth update will be provided as we work through it all.

    For a grins and giggles sneak-peek: October 5th, will be bringing with it an Attendance Event revamp.
    The Attendance Event will now award you guys and girls with tokens that can be used to purchase a variety of items of your choosing. (There’s even a new Sidekick!)

    Again, we sincerely apologize for not being able to get this post up within the promised timeframe. We will definitely keep you all posted regularly about upcoming changes, internal feedback and other types of info regarding all things HeroWarz.

    Stay tuned! You're going to see and hear a lot more from us.

    - Elijah
    Hello there,

    There should be a topic about what suggestions are sent to devs. I guess people need some prof that you are actually care about them. It is my very first post on the forum.

    Just get here to see what is going on with this game as everyone claims that is a dead game by zone or clan chat.


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      Do we get to see the full patch notes again, this evening?


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        Originally posted by Dorn View Post
        Do we get to see the full patch notes again, this evening?
        Probably not until after the patch is deployed.

        Then again, i personally don't mind patch notes appearing after the patch (or during the maintenance, preferably) as long as we get to read the full patch notes in the first place, the same day as patch goes live. It's not a big deal. It doesn't change anything either. It's just useful to know things in detail. The important thing to me is getting patch notes on the same day (or earlier than) as the actual patch.