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Izanami as of patch 1.70

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  • Izanami as of patch 1.70

    Alright, so I came on today, as any other day. I noticed Yomi's damage has been "doubled". It actually is the same as it was before. The only difference is that the explosion only hits once, instead of 2-3 (3 with Yomi Propagation) This is a definite nerf, considering if the explosion could hit 2-3 times, each one could individually critically strike (And other effects, if applicable). This is no longer the case. It's hardly character breaking, so no reason to stress over something so minor. Lol.

    However, she did get stealth nerfed. I noticed when using Yomi, the speed at which you can use it multiple times feels like it has been lowered by about 10%~ or so. This means that now there is a slightly longer delay between Yomi casts.

    Just letting everyone know. Personally, I want it reverted to pre-patch. Don't flame me, pls :'(

    Note: Yomi still go off and explode without colliding in the center. Fix pls <3

    Edit: The Yomi animation also looks slightly different. It's like it's darker than pre-patch. It also doesn't show all the flashy bits as well at they used to when flying and when they explode.
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    Yep, they clearly stealth nerfed the cast speed.

    It is still perfectly viable, but forces players to add move diversity to their skill rotation. Also, it's easier on mana LOL. Overall I think it's a good thing.

    +1 for your first note, sometimes Yomi just gets lost and does not explode. This needs fixing.


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      Oh dear! This doesn't appear to be an intentional change.
      There shall be no such thing as stealth nerfs! Never!

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
      We will be looking into this, you bet!


      • Rhinoserious
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        why thank you

      • Quintinw
        Quintinw commented
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        + Infinity. Thank you for taking the time to address this issue! <3

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      the dissappearing thing mostly when you cast it in between narrow walls. I never experienced this vanishing bug on open area.

      as for the other :
      "the only difference is that the explosion only hits once, instead of 2-3 (3 with Yomi Propagation)"

      That is a massive nerf if i understand this correctly.
      I just started 2 days ago but if the skill was supposed to hit 2-3 times and had the ability to individually crit, i really dont understand this "nerf"basically removing the Mod itself.
      If the nerf made it that with this specific mod you only hit once, its basically disabling this mod.

      Having inert casting cooldown is also kinda irritating, not because i oppose the idea, but when the skill description says:"no cooldown" i expect no cooldown.
      Else i think it would be nice to get the proper skill description with idk 0.25? 0.5 inert cast cd?

      In any case, disabling an entire mod, while still existing in the game is not only misleading but just bad, i hope i totally misunderstood this post.


      • Quintinw
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        Whoops. I forgot to mention that the ability gains more damage with Yomi Propagation, up to 1.5x the current damage of the explosion

        So basically, before the change, each Yomi would explode individually, causing 640% damage.
        Now they recently x2'd it to 1280%, but only made the explosion happen once.
        Now, with the mod Yomi Propagation, the damage will go up by another 640% for the explosion, to 1920%.
        Does that make sense? :P
        Unless it's currently bugged, it shouldn't have much of an impact in regards on gameplay.

    • #5 you only need to catch victims with one explosion and not all 3 to get the full effect? Sounds like a buff to make the ability more consistent?


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        Still waiting on Izanami's Yomi cast/recast speed (Down by 10%~) stealth nerf/bug to be addressed.
        Bump for higher visibility!
        And her Yomi STILL go off and explode without colliding in the center with each other.


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          I thought they go off and explode because the target they had in sight died before it could do anything. At least that's wut I've seen happen with mine.


          • Driftlock
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            I haven't done much on Izanami since working on a few other characters, but I was seeing that trend as well. Still always felt pretty lame to me though.

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          I dont use Yomi anywhere except in EX anyway so w/e changes they made it dont matter to me xD


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            When Izanami will get her nerfs? She's way too much overpowered. Everyone plays Izanami now.
            Herowarz has no pvp, so I compete in pve. How would you compare Mac and Izanami gameplay? I hated Loli, now I hate it even more.


            • DrinkingBleach
              DrinkingBleach commented
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              Ram out damages Iza, if anything older characters need to be reworked + buffed. If you don't like lolis then don't play them man.
              I haven't actually seen a huge amount of Izas but then again, only log on, collect attendance and ditch.

            • Driftlock
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              Pretty similar to don't have to play her. All the characters are capable of doing Ex content, just not as efficiently, which is probably what annoys you since you like to be competitive. I didn't really finish my Mac but I think people were posting some pretty darn quick Ex clear times with him too.

              I'm kind of a broken record since I've said this in other threads, but I'd much rather see older characters reworked to feel smoother and relative in power to Iza/Ram, and then give us more challenging content after that. (Or both at the same time, but I don't have high hopes!)

            • NoReason
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              These days we have a lot of choice when it comes to games. You tell me about endgame content, I can tell you about all those players that quit before even finishing the story.