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A Special Service Announcement - HeroWarz Pause

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  • A Special Service Announcement - HeroWarz Pause

    Hey Players,

    There’s no easy way to put this, and we’re going to cut right to the chase. We come to you with a message that must be delivered with both remorse and wholehearted, driving ambition.
    From the very day that KOG Games and A.Storm joined forces to publish HeroWarz, a truly unique and immersive story-driven ARPG, we knew that we were about to embark on a wild ride through an incomparable world that is delightfully comedic with some tear-jerking and horrifying twists.
    We’re afraid that the aforementioned remorse comes in form of the following message:
    As of March 26, 2017 HeroWarz will be going offline… Temporarily.
    What we are officially calling the Pause of HeroWarz.

    However… It is with an unwavering sense of pride that we announce that in order for HeroWarz to become the game that we feel it needs to be, to make every change to every aspect of the game needed, such a task requires our direct and absolute, unyielding attention. In order to truly capture and immerse our players in the RPG centric story in the best way possible – updating Characters to be truly balanced and make known all of the unique abilities they all bring to the game, building upon and improving the way players interface with the game, and of course PvP and so much more – we have no other choice but to take HeroWarz offline.
    HeroWarz is a game that has the potential to pave its own way with some of the most unadulterated, fluid ARPG combat set within a world where a full cast of extraordinary characters tell the tale of an epically twisted story with a knee-jerk knockout punch that offers a comprehensive standalone game experience. We want to make sure that this opportunity is truly realized, and we deliver the best game possible.

    Though we haven’t experienced the longevity that some MMO ARPGs may boast, we have a very talented, veteran crew that is aware of the fact that changes are needed. Though HeroWarz has its own brand of charm, we are very aware of the parts that are less than perfect.

    We are very proud to be able to have had such a passionate community, and we’d like to thank all of you for your undying support and unwavering loyalty. The feedback you’ve provided (both in-game and on the forums) has been exhaustively noted, and it will contribute to the changes that will be made in the coming months.
    As of 1/11/17, we’re going to be making some immediate, sweeping changes to the game that we hope you guys and girls will enjoy. There will be major Character balance changes, 2X Bonus EXP and Drop rates (all day, every day), Diver Code and Wonder/Epic drop rate increase, and more.

    Though some major game improvements will be made in this week’s patch, unfortunately, the Venus Shop will be closed as well.
    We can’t thank you guys and girls enough, but we can promise that we will give this down time, this hiatus everything we’ve got. We’ll get HeroWarz back up and bigger and better than ever. With a heavy heart and a huge challenge before us, thank you for being a part of HeroWarz!

    Please stay tuned for more information.
    We’ll be keeping all of you posted with updates as we progress through this journey together!
    An FAQ that covers a number of important questions will be posted later tonight as well.

    Warmest regards,
    HeroWarz Team

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    Thanks for letting us know, Elijah. Here's to hoping that the pause helps redirect HeroWarz and that it gets all the attention it deserves.


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      Thanks Suteki.
      We'll do everything we can to get this game back in the greatest form its ever been in. It sounds so corny, but it's true.
      Just to clarify for the TL;DR's out there - There will be a patch tonight with some big, fun changes.
      HeroWarz isn't going anywhere just yet, and we'll be in full swing until 3/26/2017.

      Thanks again!


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        I hope this means the game might revert back to it's original design that Korea has?
        It only makes sense that the game would have to be taken down for awhile to make those type of changes since the game was completely changed to begin with.


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          Not enough, if you are going to modify the game based on your feelings, this won´t change.

          I´m glad that you decided to run a risky, but safer in the long way deal, but if you wanna succed this time, you need to be transparent in whatever you change in the game, that means, you have to talk with veterans about what can and what must be done with HeroWarz, don´t run the same mistake again, a proper feedback method involves all the parts, not just what fits with your secret agenda as you have doing all this time.

          In the way to march, let´s establish a REAL feedback between you and us, talk with us open and widely, stop liying and tell us the things as they are, be honest with us and you will have comprehesion and loyality from us.

          I maintain my word about HeroWarz, is a game with a blasting potential, since almost all the MMO´s out there seem to be the same stuff with different names, HeroWarz can be great, all you have to do is one thing: LISTEN US.

          We are done of good intentions, we wanna facts and actions, start now, or let HeroWarz die before it gets relaunched.


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            This is just my personal opinion, but I'm glad the game is going offline temporarily so major changes could be made to improve it. The biggest issues with the game to me was how repetitive it was at endgame and how there was a lack of content for capped players to do/want to do. Some people might enjoy playing every character in the game and bringing them to max level, but there are also some people like me who prefer to focus everything on one main character instead of playing the game all over again on a different one.

            It felt great to play such a smooth and fun ARPG at the start of the game during the CBTs and early days of launch, but the level cap was fairly easy to reach and once we reached it, there wasn't much left to do in the game other than dailies and farming the same stages over and over for equipment/sidekicks. I'm hoping there will be non-repetitive endgame content that capped players can enjoy doing once the game reopens.

            I have some concerns regarding current player data for when the game will be unpaused though, like what will happen to our character progress, gears, items from events, gold/plat pandora boxes, and founder packs. Will they be wiped or can they be kept?


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              Though my time here has been somewhat of a love-hate relationship, I have more respect for the team making this decision than either continuing on to an impasse or dropping the project completely. So after the game comes back off hiatus, I believe I'll drop by at least once to see how far you guys advance the game in our absence. I'm sure you guys working down there are really cool people. I hope you can bring the game back in a state worthy of its potential and earn back the trust of the community.


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                I have high hopes for the future of this game. KoG you're stepping the correct direction with this, and as Anger stated, please do not make the same mistakes a second time.
                Your community literally makes, and/or breaks your game. Please listen to us. A lot of us are just as or more passionate about HeroWarz. I'm really excited for the changes to come.
                Please do not rush, take your time and make sure it's your greatest work before giving it to us.

                This community is small, and the game has amazing potential.
                [ I had some thing written here about pricing and rng boxes, but honestly... I'm not going to beat that bush any longer. ]


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                  I started playing this game right at Mac's release and got to play for 2 weeks straight due to me being stuck at home while recovering from a car accident. I played elsword previously and quit and I was really bored and was just watching youtube videos when I saw a little advertisement at the bottom of the video for HeroWarz. I clicked it and enjoyed playing Derrick. However, after all my time (short as it may be) I can fully agree that some big changes do need to be made. (Really hoping the bugs that cause you to fall off the map get fixed, ect.) It's just a little concerning because I know HeroWarz has a pretty small player base compared to Elsword, and this seems like it could be one of those hiatus' that..last forever. Let's hope it isn't.

                  You guys just need to whip this game in shape enough to be greenlit on Steam like Elsword was. That might help bring in some numbers.


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                    Wow this is some major news, here hopes this is the real true HW. Also, I hope our stuff don't get lost. :' V


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                      You guys are doing the right thing. If you feel like you can do better, do so. The community is rooting for you guys.


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                        Maybe i can come back after the game is fixed o 3o. For good this time lmao


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                          I am glad this is happening. Just the character rebalancing/reworking itself will be a major effort, and would take forever if the game stayed active. Imagine logging back in in early 2018 and having Audrey be a viable character with actually useful skills would be awesome! She has such great character art and story, and it's a shame that she is one of the most useless characters in the game.


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                            " The end of the story hw "


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                              so reverting back to KR version? lel.