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I took a 3 month break from the game and HW it did get a bit better since then but

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  • I took a 3 month break from the game and HW it did get a bit better since then but

    I like how you can reroll costume affixes now and buy venus items from costumes you dismatle so that the RNG is removed
    I like that they added more modes so there is something to do
    I like the rebalance where skills cost less mana

    But it is still a very flawed game with a really dumb depth system where it dont matter if gear A have better affixes and better stuff you MUST use gear B because that have higher depth. Make modes based on char level rather than depth and remove the depth system would be a great start. You can give higher level gear way higher stats to make up for the removed depth

    And combat while not being bad it is still a far cry from the korean version from watching gameplay videos

    I am sure that with korean HW combat, way longer gear progression with way more modes, PvP and a steam release + more adds for HW in general (for more players) HW can become a really solid successful game. I played HW since CBT2 and had a total level of 1080 before i got bored like 1 month after the game launched. I cant wait to see what KOG/A.storm got for 2018. I also think paragon levels would work fine here since it dont even take that long to get level 200 here so making exp useful would be nice. Right now i will have a bit of fun since when i left there was only PT/lib/ (same **** with different numbers) and lab (too little content) so i will have fun doing the extra modes and playing the new chars (there are 2 more since i left)
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