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What Changes Would You Enjoy Most Before the Pause?

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  • What Changes Would You Enjoy Most Before the Pause?

    As the title states, I'm curious.

    Without knowing what else they might throw at us, some things I'd enjoy based on where we're at now.

    Ability to open Pandora Boxes instantly, or an 'open all' function that just shows the total of each item all in one opening.
    No limit on the use of the Mystery Weapon/Armor Vendors.
    Pandora Boxes / Costume Vendors include older Venus/Designer costumes and other items. Would be nice to see a bit of variety during this long period of Box mayhem.
    VIP 3 for all. Seems silly to have such a varying time of this tapering off as people lose it when their time runs out, whenever that may be.

    To me, just a few simple QoL changes to make where we're at more efficient. I'd change/remove some of these when we find out whether we're keeping our characters/items/etc. or not though. (Leaning towards no on this with these events...I can't see them allowing people to mass up such amounts of gold/premium items etc. but we still have to wait and see!)

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    Jokes aside, I don't really care at the moment. I guess it's fine right now, I enjoyed the changes they made.
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      Endless horde mode, enemies get harder and harder the more waves you clear.
      Dresses for boys (I can dream right??)
      balaced heroes
      tom tom tom tom
      Pandora boxes balanced. No crap items in high tier boxes please
      literally anything to make the repetitiveness of this game actually fun
      (╯︵╰,) that's all.