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Wipe or not to wipe?

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  • Wipe or not to wipe?

    Note to KoG: Seriously KoG, what´s wrong with ya folks? This thread is supposed to be made by you, because you need to ask us about this subject to us, but instead of that, you are in your cave following your secret agenda and taking this kind of desitions on your own, that´s why HW failed, wake up folks, the world is moving and you are running in the wrong direction.

    The reason of this thread is to discuss if KoG must wipe (or not) our toons.

    The rules of the thread are simple:

    - Be civil.
    - Argue your choice/opinion.
    - If you are going to ask for refund, argue your point.
    - Feel free to debate, just remember to be civil.

    I´ll start with my point.

    I´m in for a wipe, because it will bring a fair challenge to the new players, because if the decide to keep our toons, oldest players will have a huge advantage over the new ones and that gap could cause new players to leave. Also, since the game will be relaunching with a "new" code, this has been a big beta, so, it has to wipe the toons in order to make the oldest players experiment the "new" game from 0.

    About refunds, I think, it will be fair, if we (the ones have played this big beta), are rewarded with some exclusive beta fashion, emblem, mount and title, and the founders get their founder stuff adapted to the new version of the game.

    Don´t wipe

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    If players have an advantage over newcomers when the reboot is up, it's because we worked for it; we earned that advantage and shouldn't be punished.


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      Earning aside, lmao what advantage over new players are you taking about?..
      Instead, the auction will be filled with whatever stuff in a week, and newcomers going to have advantage over themselves in the other timeline with clean server.
      This game has zero competition between players aside from whatever you can come up with to entertain yourselves. An absolute zero. How fast someone runs the EX, what they can complete of what you can not, all of this have no visible correlation with you whatsoever. The only thing that matters is obtained and shared content, such as sidekicks, codes, mounts, emblems, costumes.
      AFAIK, ATV is not based on your character either.

      And I'm pretty sure nothing will be kept as well as nothing will be refunded of course. I bet our data is not compatible, and if they are forsaking the current project completely to make another one from scratch or double the KR one, then no one going to make that much of an effort to provide compatibility. Couldn't even remap server relations for this whole run, so the game was pretty much a singleplayer, which is a big laugh for MMO if you think about it, still it was kinda fun here and there.

      PS. My point for no refund is "thank you come again". Can't imagine mmo publisher issuing mass refunds.
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      • Tabofren
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        I actually witnessed alot of mass refunds in MMOs. It's possible.

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      wipe the hell out of everyone's acc and reimburse their founder packs :^) at least now we know they're char bound, not account bound as advertised !!!!!


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        dont wipe, but get rid of all the gear, inventory and sidekick levels for a bit of salinity.


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          Tbh the only items in my inventories I'd like to keep are my cbt items like the "The First" title I was saving for Hwaran as I don't see these things appearing ever again. I also worry a little bit about purchases related to my account that have a degree of "permanence" such as expanding locker storage because having to repurchase it would irk me to a reasonable degree, so that's why I'm interested in the idea of compensation. But tbh I'm pretty much looking like a dying fish rn anyways, and from what I've been hearing, the game seems to be in somewhat of a near sandbox mode with stuff like Pandora's Boxes and costumes, which I'm not sure are permanent or not, dropping relatively often from mobs seemingly leaning towards a hard wipe (especially if those costumes are permanent). So whatever happens, happens.

          I assume right now that they're still determining what items they'd be able to keep that might not be changed over the break and items that they plan to change and whether or not they can alter said items while allowing us to keep them in our inventories. Sounds like a long and confusing process when you think about the fact that this will be a little under a full year of work ahead and all the plans that may or may not exist right now, and those that will be created over the break can change and vary over such an extended period of time. In this case, a hard wipe of everything would be easier for them. Who knows? We might even lose our account names and somebody will snatch my name up before I do haha (they probably won't wipe account names, but who knows? A year is a long time lol). But I'm not in such a rush to hear an answer from them immediately as I don't see how the wipe affects us in any way before the break. Maybe they'll slowly release a little info about the topic at a time, maybe they'll save it all till the last month of operation. We'll hear about it eventually.

          TL;DR: My logic of our current situation leads me to believe a hard wipe is coming rather than a soft wipe that will let us keep some things of value here and there. But they may prove me wrong. Idk. I don't know the future. Only Hiek knows that...
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            The rebooted HW may be completely different from what we currently are familiar with, which means incompatibility issues. The developers will require another closed beta testing and open beta testing come next year. A wipe makes sense. For example, I played DFO when it was under Nexon. That account disappeared when Nexon dropped it and makers of DFO revived it about a year or two later.


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              New and Troll players: Wipe
              Veterans: Dont Wipe

              Refund topic is easy. all of us know what is going to happen, legally they didnt compromise to refund so they will not refund.
              Read Terms and Conditions when you put your money on something guys.



              We make no representation that materials available on or through the Service, including, without limitation, the Software and the games, are appropriate or available for use in all locations. Those who choose to access and/or use the Service do so on their own initiative and at their own risk, and are responsible for compliance with local laws. The Software is subject to United States export controls as set forth in the Terms of Use Agreement. We reserve the right to limit, suspend, interrupt or terminate the availability of the Service, in whole or in part, to you and any other user or person, geographic area or jurisdiction, at any time and in our sole discretion. You acknowledge and agree that interruptions, delays and disruptions of the Service may occur and that the Company has no control over third party servers, systems and/or networks which may be utilized in connection with the functioning of the Service. The Company hereby disclaims all liabilities with respect to all interruptions, delays and disruptions of the Service.

              J.1 This Agreement shall remain effective until termination by either the company or the user, or upon a discontinuation of our Services at any time for any reason. If you wish to terminate your Account, you may do so by contacting our customer service department at Upon our acceptance of your request, your Account will be terminated. We reserve the right, with or without notice to you, to suspend or terminate your Account and this Agreement if you violate the terms and conditions of: (i) this Agreement, (ii) the Terms of Use Agreement, and/or (iii) any of the Game Rules and Policies. We also reserve the right, with or without notice to you, to suspend or terminate your Account and this Agreement in our reasonable discretion.
              J.2 Effect of Termination. Upon termination of this Agreement for any reason, your right to use the Service shall immediately cease, and you shall destroy all Software and other content obtained through your use of the Service and all copies thereof. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT WE SHALL HAVE NO OBLIGATION WHATSOEVER TO YOU AFTER THE TERMINATION OF YOUR ACCOUNT OR THIS AGREEMENT, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, TO PROVIDE YOU WITH A REFUND OF ANY CHARGES YOU AUTHORIZED US OR ANY DESIGNATED PAYMENT SERVICE TO CHARGE TO YOUR CREDIT CARD(S) IN CONNECTION WITH YOUR PURCHASE OF K-CHINGS.
              Your money is gone man, GG.


              • Crybaby
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                This, thank you.

              • Spiral
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                Pretty concrete argument there lol. I considered rereading this and yup, if followed to the T: yes, they are completely within their right to give us nothing for our troubles. Already prepping myself for it, however, in terms of trust there's clearly room for me to retain my humanly right to be as salty as the sea if my money is tossed into a void and I'm told (in an implied manner): "Sorry, you'll have to buy this again because of a mistake on our part." Don't get me wrong, I don't want cash back or anything and we are each responsible for our own purchases, but trust is a difficult thing to earn, and I don't think they'd like to lose any more of our trust. Won't complain or badmouth either, but I'll definitely remember.

                They don't owe us anything and my individual monetary support doesn't mean anything, but yeah. I guarantee I can find other places to throw my cash at and be satisfied if it can be voided here with no shame. But I'm getting ahead of myself. They haven't spoken their piece yet, so let's wait and see.

              • Drunk
                Drunk commented
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                I agree with Spiral. I'm actually all for a wipe myself. If we're legitimately getting the KR version, it'd be a different game with the same elements.
                I'd be torn if we didn't get any sort of compensation what so ever, but like Spiral said, I'm happy moving on to another game and spending my money else where if said trust was severed.

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              I personally think if they do a wipe, they should at least reimburse veterans' items. Such as their founder packs and CBT 1 items that we, as veterans rightfully earned. This at least splits from the newbies and the veterans...But if they don't do that, I personally may be upset, but if there is anyway we can get them back that would be amazing.


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                I don't care either way.
                I once did, but seeing how this thread had to be created by a player instead of the staff, doesn't give me high hopes for the correct decision, so...


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                  Gotta love when important threads aren't made by the company itself lol
                  Anyway I'm with those who think wipe is for the best; though at the same time it'd be nice to have SOMETHING for all the money some of us spent, at least founders pack though I understand they don't legally have to give us anything.

                  Already moved on to another mmo anyway and who knows if I'd come back, if I did it'd be completely f2p since I lost all trust a while ago


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                    Hello! I personally think that any CBT rewards people have earned should be linked to a players account, and re-sent. I wouldn't mind a wipe of character gear and levels, all that. That'd give a good sense of a fresh start, but selfish as though this may seem, I didn't grind straight from the morning on to the night to have an emblem that will eventually get wiped. CBT rewards, and the beginning OBT emblem (I think there was one) should be given back at the end of the pause.