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Is this game a little p2w?

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  • Is this game a little p2w?

    So I've been playing this game non-stop for around a week now only playing B (I absolutely love this game with a passion). But I am getting used to him still, like his combos and how to reach his full dps potential. I've been doing really good damage with B but whenever I see someone with really high vip rank it's like I can't out damage them. I'm just worried this game will turn even more pay to win. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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    Good thing:
    -Dont worry man, this is one of those games around market where VIP doesnt affect to much the damage, so is not p2w.

    Bad Thing:
    -Characters are unbalanced and mod dependant, so the final damage is not affected by the skill of the user.

    Izanami and Ramirez are the strongest at the moment.


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      Also might depend on mods and such but mostly cause of OnVoK's reasons.
      Worry about mods later when you're 215 depth.
      VIP is mostly just for extra cards when completing the dungeon.


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        MONEY = VIP

        VIP = ITEMS

        ITEMS = POWER

        POWER = MONEY



        • OnVoK
          OnVoK commented
          Editing a comment
          POWER = LUCK (RNG everywhere)