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Why we're Zeros instead of Heroes

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  • Why we're Zeros instead of Heroes

    In the above video you can see quite a few things that I want to discuss to help you understand why I'm about to publish this wall of text.
    Allow me to explain something before hand so we can get a general understanding of why exactly this has anything to do with global, A.Storm, and us in general.
    First off, I love this game. I really do. A.Storm has done a mad decent job at delivering a half baked game that can be SO much more. Let me stress the fact that I
    am in no way shape or form trying to belittle, or hate on anything A.Storm, or KOG has delivered. I want to voice my opinions that most of the people also have
    in the current state of the game.
    I do realize that it has been said before in a different thread, and countless times by Benny Foster . The current game is what we have now, and not what we may have in the future. However, I do want others to know exactly what they should be looking for in this game, and what as a community would enjoy the most.
    Firstly, Benny; I want you to realize that I'm not looking for a reply that says: " We'll try to do better." I'm not looking for sympathy from you or the team. We've already—gone past that. Three, heck maybe even four weeks ago I created a post voicing my thoughts about KOG which should've been directed to A.Storm; both needed the message.I stressed that for a game to succeed it needs communication from Devs, Publishers, and players. Unfortunately in those three, or four weeks we haven't received any input as to what is going on, or where the game stands... or what the plans are in the future. Sure like Warz mentioned in another post; too much info could also be bad for a game.
    However, too little is also bad. I can't stress it enough, I genuinely feel that we're heading the wrong direction for this game to shine in it's true colors.

    So what does this all mean exactly? The players who've reach end game on one character, some two, realize there won't be anything new added to the game for awhile.
    If the only " content " we're getting is super nerfed watered down versions of new characters every couple of weeks—what exactly is there for us to look at? Ah. The characters.
    I'm going to try and stay away from crying that Jerry doesn't have her amazing spin2win, actually.. It's not even about that. It's the mobs; the enemies we fight. If you've watched the
    above video, fantastic. You can see I milk down everything with a combination of left and right click. It feels fluid, fast.. it's fun. Everyone in the Discord I'm in loves this. I do too.
    So what do? How do I, or anyone explain that this is what we want in ZeroWarz, make the game great again. If the next thing you want to say is " We just released, give us time." You've mistaken me for someone else. Some of us can sit here and argue all day that we've played since CBT1 and seen all the nerfs possible to the classes that are out; ( Still waiting for another B, or Hades nerf. )
    Most of us currently just want a copy and pasta KR translated for Global. Most of us know the game, and want it how it is. We don't see any problems; " We've improved it and took out what doesn't work." I'm sorry... what exactly was it that didn't work? What exactly did you change? Oh.. forgot. We don't communicate. Here's the thing:
    1. Most of us want KR translated and copy pasta'd for us. It's fluid, the mobs:mana:skill ratio is fantastic. We aren't sitting there for 30 extra seconds per group of mobs holding down left click, because GOD FORBID we press space bar and lose all our mana and be out before the boss. Any game that forces you to not use certain skills because A. it does no damage or B. costs too much is bad programming. Yes, spammable spacebar skill. High mana cost, more mana gain.
    2. Skill tree and UI is just so much better, and allows you to focus more on stats and what your want out of your gear effects.
    3. It doesn't look like a mobile game. Literally, that's what the current gear system feels like. WE DON'T WANT IT.
    4. Depth. It's a joke. Remove it. It doesn't work, except limiting people to getting to areas. I'd rather there be a flat level cap to enter an area.
    What can you do? Scrap everything and start over? No. Player training can substitute after the level 70 story mode. It could have stages ( that way there is variation. ) Basically;
    What if you took all of the story and buffed it, added more mobs per spawn; increased the exp and rewards, add the story coins to just buy gear w/ them. Quit depending on the super RNG system you currently have in place for gear progression, as it's just not working(for others apparently.)
    Basically, revamp the story dungeons throw it in player training ( the same complete one, go to the next one. ) This could take us all the way to 180 (Yes, fast paced, decent xp rate ) where you unlock Liberation which is what it is now ( Remove eznormal mode, and just have the hard one. No point in two of them w/ no depth system. ) Increase the amount of mobs spawned there too. I should enjoy killing things, not dread each mob that spawns:
    Give us the KR skill tree, mana gain, fluidity and enjoyment. Increase our damage so it isn't a hassle when things spawn.
    Just for giggles, the UI too.

    I mean, literally on the bench of quitting because there isn't any communication. Have no idea what you guys are thinking, or working on.
    The community hates most of the stuff currently in game, but whatever.. Guess we'll just see what happens in a year. smh


    I also wanted to mention, that for anyone who thinks Mac will be anything like the video above. I'm sorry. The whole point of this thread is to honestly show you how different it will be when he is released.
    His space bar is the car thing that I blow up. It has two uses. One I can press space bar, and it'll shoot out doing damage, and I can explode if from a distance. The other, I can hold space bar, and ride inside it to the area I'm facing. We'll only be able to do one of those things, then be locked for 30 - 40 seconds and won't be able to use it again, while it takes 40% of our mana.
    My whole point in this topic is showing you in the current state of the game what you won't be able to do. ie; spam right click and left click for mobility and positioning.
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    I second Drunk's motion.

    Our version of the game is nothing compared to KR's. Using that many skills simply would not be possible for me; I'd have run out 15 seconds into the dungeon if I tried to imitate what he did =|


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      Drunk is my Hero.

      I definitely agree with Drunk that this game is heading in the wrong direction and is starting to fall off the tracks because there is no signs of it being fixed. Characters that we are receiving are being released in a terrible state and the mechanics of the game are heading in weird directions. As someone who has played every single day since the first day in cbt1, soloed to 200, and wondered many sidekicks I've basically have seen everything this game has to offer so far and want it to get better and better.

      After playing many characters you see a similar problem in most of them which is running out of mana using their core skills which causes the person to not even use some skills. In KR you are free to use all of your skills without that worry because the main way you spend majority of your mana is using your mana dump which is space bar or a spammable skill such as Jerry's spin. Please give us copy pasted characters from KR and do not change the way they function.

      Also KR has a skill tree that allows you to choose your skills to make your character even more fluid. My suggestion is to do what KR does because otherwise drop rates for epics need to go way up if we ever can dream of getting the perfect piece of gear OR make a way to change skill mods on gear that is reasonable.

      The striking immune change was also one of the worst changes in the game because it causes for less playing and more running. There is no reason to have mobs become strike immune because it causes for less interaction and should be reverted.

      Another problem that Drunk mentioned in his post was the lack of communication. It really feels bad every time a patch is released and all the changes are NOT documented and shown to everyone. Having a long maintenance and or emergency maintenance without explanation is terrible...

      Anyways I'm hoping for this game to start moving in a better direction gameplay wise because I love this game.


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        You're Zero. Real hero is banned from forum.

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        Free Hero Pls

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      Not to play devil's advocate or anything, but this is exactly why I've stayed away from KR. With no knowledge of the other side, I have nothing to compare our server to and have no desire for KR stuff here. I can enjoy this version of the game well enough, I can make unbiased suggestions unique to this version.... It seems to me that if playing KR will make me hate or quit this version, I should avoid doing so.

      I know that means I don't get a say in the thread, but just wanted to point that out. Whatever the reason for making sure this version is different from KR, they will likely stick to that decision. I'm not sure anyone will get their wish for "English KR HeroWarz."


      • seph
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        As someone who have played KR before, i

        +1 to this.

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      Thanks for posting this Drunk, I agree with everything stated because players are severely deprived from their own playstyle let alone the potential this game had to offer from KR. They are literally being forced to encounter the CORE component of this game: RNG. Having our playstyle / skills / capabilities / progression be solely based solely on one factor ''luck'' deprives every player from their satisfactions. It literally strips us of our freedom in this game.

      I feel this game is still heading towards the p2w factor that KoG simply just wants to milk money from us, rather than focusing on being enjoyable. The lack of acknowledgement towards several rants is what's predominantly happening right now. These nerfs don't help anyone, common sense. Look how significant the player-base for B dropped. I'm not talking about new characters being released and everyone is switching off to try something new, but a majority of B players were forced to play someone new since he simply doesn't do anything worthwhile anymore. Sure he's still playable, but this doesn't mean he's capable like the rest anymore. Just copy and paste KR, and everyone would probably enjoy it too.

      RNG : We literally pay VIP just to have only 1 extra card - for DAILIES. I ran all of my dailies and despite VIP, i only got 2 epics as a POTENTIAL reward from ALL cards in 90% of those runs on multiple characters - PT / LIB / HARD LIB / LAB. I would glady pay even more to support KoG if my playstyle didn't revolve around a factor that'll inevitably disrupt my interests in this game (add skill tree). The majority believes in this as well, as Drunk has already stated like the majority of the community. If we talk about the future of RNG, it's going to be extremely aggravating for the masses as we play through every other character to have their luck revolve around everyone again. Was this not comment sense - that we have a huge variety of characters w/ skill mods that'll affect each individuals gameplay? With upcoming gear content for higher tiers, it'll just screw our chances even more. And one more thing i'll also bring light to. Why is there even potential for gear to randomize 2 skills that conflict w/ each other? For example, 8% dmage on eyeshield tackle + Tyrus spin, on jerry? You obviously can't use both skills. This is terrible programming as well, and yet, it happens on every character. It makes RNG prove to be even worse than it is. What if it wasnt 8% dmage, but both were actual skill mods - as I have experienced. It screws us over badly - and then we need to find another item hoping for the mod we want, and another separate one.

      Utility: I don't understand why we have a full UI screen either - it lags us each time it is opened, but as always, we don't have communication just like KoG not posting various nerfs in the patch note again. Even NA Elsword has a better UI than this. Why didn't you just take your example from your other game for where your mistakes / benefits were.

      Priorities, right? The players don't matter I guess, so long as money flows within a much easier, manageable, yet miserably failing, system.


      HeroWarz is literally the rarity in terms of games where you should just buff everyone to no end (What korea does) since it'll continuously make everyone happy, and compensate by just making the game much harder too. You could literally reward players for being mechanically skilled, and for those who aren't, then you could easily turn to the party system for players to help each other, rather than how it is right now - just to kill boredom for the most part and get carried because RNG doesn't help everyone. Just doing that even adds solo play fulfillment, and then if created, maybe some other separate reward similar for playing party. Killed 2 birds with 1 stone just like that.

      Unfortunately, we haven't addressed a single thing within the players' interests other than getting venus shop and character releases (despite being butchered to no end). It baffles me that we Nerf chars and make monsters stronger, and keep focusing on how to improve RNG by small changes. Look at what happened - the aftermath of consecutive bad updates after players have been suggesting so much of their thoughts only to have nothing acknowledged. Thanks B, you held KoG's attention for awhile, but now they're gonna focus on boosting their venus shop first and foremost. The unlisted patch notes, which will eventually be recognized by many players of course, is another way of saying KoG only caring about their reputation and trying to avoid hate. That's extremely dishonest and unfair to us players. Everything you adjust ingame should always be called to our attention as well, since we're the players supporting you afterall.

      Love the game, just not KoG's current business agenda.
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        KC is stronk. +1 for Priorities. Apparently we're just the minority of the players so our opinion never matters. #PlayerLivesMatter

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        yea i was honestly going to do the rant drunk did, but meh TEAMWORK IS THE DREAMWORK lol beat me to it since i was trying to think about it even more in depths about pros and cons - which there are more cons than should ever be for a new release and keep my argument to this degree since everything should be extremely apparent, but kog be like no

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        Enough said! Totally agree on everything KayC and Drunk. Honestly i was really looking forward to this game. Before NA version came out, I saw the KR version and how hype this game was! I'm sure everyone here did too but after the NA released, it has only been about a month or so and I'm already loosing interests in this game. To tell the truth, I haven't play the KR version at all but just by looking at Youtube videos and comparing them to NA version; it just made me really sad to think that such a good game is going to be wasted. Like everyone here said, we are the players, KOG main supporters. If they see this and ignore, then I can imagine this game is only going down hill.

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      Originally posted by Lloyd13z View Post
      Not to play devil's advocate or anything, but this is exactly why I've stayed away from KR. With no knowledge of the other side, I have nothing to compare our server to and have no desire for KR stuff here. I can enjoy this version of the game well enough, I can make unbiased suggestions unique to this version.... It seems to me that if playing KR will make me hate or quit this version, I should avoid doing so.

      I know that means I don't get a say in the thread, but just wanted to point that out. Whatever the reason for making sure this version is different from KR, they will likely stick to that decision. I'm not sure anyone will get their wish for "English KR HeroWarz."
      Even without the KR comparisons everything mentioned above is extremely crucial and valid for the future of the game. This is the community speaking, not a rage post, if you know what I mean.
      Only thing that makes me want to quit is the lack of communication. It irks me to no end.


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        thanks for the epic rant.
        from day 1 felt that the game was sluggish compared to kr

        i played Ara to 200 in the kr version, she was much more fluid (heh)
        everything can be canceled into everything, mana wasn't an issue
        you could cast skills in mid air while jumping for crazy combos
        there is very little downtime in the action
        the only thing i found wonky in kr is the leveling which is really easy from 1-180 then becomes a struggle to 200

        and ill do the crying for Jerry lol,
        the main reason i was excited for her is because she is a spin2win whirlwind/cyclone character in kr
        which i love playing in arpg games, too bad they made her into a generic melee attacker

        kr also has a tower defense / hero siege type mode which was fun as heck lol
        they should post a development manifesto for the next 2-3 months, so we can understand what direction they are heading
        but please make the combat as smooth and as buttery as kr lol
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          Not gonna lie, I highly disliked the KR Spin2win jerry, I'm glad they changed it, could use work, but thank god it's not spin2win.

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        You're just wasting time on typing this. I mean I read your whole rant and I agree with your point. But the main point is that will the devs and publishers change or listen what the players have to say about the game. No matter how many people rant if they do not change anything, they will fail to keep existing supporters and they can't attract new players. inb4 This game will be dead within a year. I'm not saying this without evidence, look at the whole forum people giving suggestions on how to make the game better. You don't need whole gameplay revamp like deleting the depth system and all that. But at least do something small like reducing the price of the items or listen to the community on Rng factors. This is all you need to do kog.


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          Nicely worded Drunk;
          I haven't personally played the Korean HeroWarz but from those videos...damn our combat system is much slower. What is very annoying is the lack of communication, mistakes were made all around. Them trying to "westernize" (how does RNG appeal to a western audience is beyond me) HeroWarz has just ended up in them making the game worst. We need more content, we need less RNG, we need all heroes to be fun and fast paced, we need communication, we need a cash shop / vip system that makes everyone happy. Personally I have temporarily quit until KOG addresses these issues, and if they never do then I guess I'll give up on HeroWarz even though I really badly want to like it.

          If any of you are interested in talking or playing other games together you can contact me through steam (TrueDPS) or skype (malletman123). Currently I'm playing Overwatch, DFO, and other games off to the side.


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            NA zerowarz most backward rebooted version of any game Just Lmao!
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              I guess because KR dont have a big playerbase they changed it for NA because they think it makes it better. Many times they rework the game so it sucks compared to the asian version. The thing is that people who plays KOG games is a big fan of asian ARPGs like DFO, Elsword and so on so there was no reason to change something that works fine. A translated KR version would be 100 times better


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                So what i've being saying about this "revamped" version finally comes to people's ears huh ? there's so much to say and and so many points that have to be addressed i even made a 3 page text file, hundreds of screenshots and 7 gb of videos I uploaded for reference but then I realized it was wishful thinking and they will keep pushing this "vision" of the game they got from i don't know who's feedback until no one is playing anymore.
                Honestly i only keep grinding with no real pleasure just because i saw this games potential and hope for better days but things look grim as it stands now.

                Just translate the game (which by the way is so awfully done right now it's embarrassing) and once you have everything going push for changes based on real feedback from the players, that's common sense.
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                  Other than PvP and faster combat can you tell me about what content the korean version have than HW global dont? But it is really stupid that they make combat slower than KR and i dont understand why they did it


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                    Everything said in this thread is the exact reason why I prefer to play the Korean version than the NA/Global version. They're working with A storm, and they have a base which is the Korean version. Use it... Kog Please...
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                      I also agree with Drunk; I don't see the point of "revamping" the original KR classes when it results in something that's rather bland in comparison.

                      Now I just do dailies to try to climb the Great Wall of Depth and log off. Its hard to stay on for extended periods of time as there's nothing that's captivating - the characters are watered down and the story is somewhat lost in translation. Hopefully this game doesn't run out of steam but I can't help but feel pessimistic about this game's future.